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Bitmain ANTBOX – Mobile Mining Farm Goes On Sale With A Maximum Capacity of 324 AntMiner S9

March 20, 2018 – Chinese mining hardware giant Bitmain today announced the launch of ANTBOX – a mobile mining farm.


AntBox is the most recently developed mobile mining farm by Bitmain, a white container with a maximum capacity of 324 AntMiner S9 running in it. And it could be customized according to customers’ needs.

It is designed to meet global miners’ increasing demand for a portable and low-power mining farm. Its advent greatly increases mining convenience whilst costs for building a mining farm are saved. It is worth noting that the subtle design enables a better air circulation and optimized mining performance for mining machines running in it.


The price of an AntBox is 180,000 RMB ($ 28,441) with only 50 units available, ready to be shipped during April 1st to April 10th. According to the announcement, an AntBox can house a maximum of 324 AntMiner S9 (shall adapt to APW3++ power supply) with a net weight about 3 tons.

AntBox, a combination of advanced technology and practicality, is a new breakthrough in the field of mobile mining farm, which will definitely usher in a revolutionary change for the mining market, as Bitmain stated.

Following are AntBox’s effect sketches of its 6 different customized versions (Plan A-F), with a maximum of 6 containers assembled longitudinally or horizontally at client’s choice

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