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Bitkan To Launch K Site, PGC-Driven Community

25 March Tokyo-Fang Fang, CEO of Bitkan, announced in the meetup of “Satoshi’s Vision” that the 4-year app would launch K Site, a community driven by PGC: professional generated contents. The new feature is expected to be open for public test in April 2018. Meanwhile, KAN token will also be distributed to community members for free in May 2018. Aiming at refactoring the crypto community, the initiative has received funding from Huobi, OKex, Bitmain, FBG, and etc.20180326143250

Yu Fang, CEO of Bitkan, taking interview in Tokyo (credit: bitkan)

As the friendliest country to cryptocurrency, Japan has attracted many blockchain fans and startups from China. Zhao Dong and Lao Mao  have moved to live in Tokyo. Lao Mao plans to host a yacht gala in Tokyo to attract high-net-value person in the community. Bitkan also announced the new product: K Site, a community driven by PGC and the KAN token.
As one of the few female entrepreneurs, Yu Fang has been an enthusiast in promoting cryptocurrency and blockchain after she left Huawei as software engineer. Despite the ice age of bitcoin in 2015, Bitkan maintain a healthy and organic growth and the community has grown steadily with millions of supporters around the globe. However, the model of traditional community suffered from the following drawbacks:
1. Excessive material incentives. Token are abused so that community user are driven by benefit instead of the quality contents.
2. Fragmented contents. Message transferred over IM are often fragmented and meaningful discussion couldn’t be
3. Users are separated by community they support and therefore isolated from each other.
Seeing the problems, K Site take different approaches:
1. K site focus on rewarding contents of high quality. The incentives include KAN token and other methods.
2. K Site support major cryptocurrency like BTC/ BCH/ETH.
3. Decentralized management. The credibility and authenticity of contents will assigned to community-approved professionals.
K Site will offer various features, like twitter/weibo, articles, video and Quora/zhihu, which would be available as open API in the future.
The KAN token will be distributed to community users for free and could be used to pay for quality contents and fee payment for coin to coin trading.


In her keynote speech: TO SEEK VALUE AGAIN (refactoring the cryptocurrency ecosystem community), Yu Fang explained the underlined meaning:

“That is what I want to focus: not to subvert, not to reform, but to optimize, just to make cryptocurrency community better.”

Along with the launch of K Site, Bitkan is also seeking Community Officer as the first round of seed professionals to manage contents, groups.

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