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Bitfily Roll Out 49T A1 Miner With Bitfury 16nm Chips

Bitfily, the Shenzhen-based Company, rolls out the 49T A1 bitcoin miner, the first “industrial scale” bitcoin ASICs in the industry in February. Branding as Snow Leopard, the company wishes to enter the market with agility and speed. Unlike most miners in the market that are limited by power supply unit, the customized PSU of A1 allows room for 576 pcs of Bitfury 16nm chips. On 8 Feb, the company sold 1000 units of A1 miners in a meetup held in Shanghai. Later on 28 Feb, another batch of 1,500 units of A1 and 1,500 E3 (GPU-based) Ethereum miners were booked. These batches are to be delivered in early April. As its media partner, Walian has made a demo video regarding the 49T miner.

snoleopard bitfily a1 miner

Bitfily 49T A1 Snowleopard Miner credit:

Specs of A1 Snowleopard miner:
Hash Rate:49 TH/s ± 5% (max performance)
Power Consumption: variable, 6.2 KW (max)
Power Efficiency: variable, from 0.101 to 0.133 J/GH
Rated Voltage:48v – 57.6v
Chip quantity per unit:576 x BF16BTC
Dimensions: bare machine:599*483*275mm;with package: 760*575*430mm
Cooling:6x 12038 fans
Operating Temperature: -10°C to 40°C
Operating Humidity: 5%RH-95%RH
Network Connection: Ethernet

Robert Zhao, Sales Director of Bitfily, told 8btc that the company was founded in 2017 and has been operating over 1 year. The company is less known to the public as it’s mostly in “stealth mode”. The team decide to make public appearance as they consider the timing is “mature”, which is why they embrace the regulation of China. Although the company’s name share much similarity with Bitfury, Robert denied the company as a subsidiary of Bitfury.

” We have cross-examined many company’s products and picked Bitfury finally. We might work with other suppliers in the future.”

When asked how they viewed the regulation implemented in China, Robert Zhao said:

“Regulation and compliance helps cleanse the market and the fittest survive. We embrace the decision of authority. The mining industry used to be packed with all kinds of players.”

Regarding the “China dominance” issue in mining industry, Zhao believes that bitcon network is still open to everyone and all participants are playing by the same rule. As long as the consensus sticks, dominance or monopoly is only a “switch of concept”.

“We would like to cooperate with partners from all over the world.”

When picking potentials partners, Bitfily lists three factors of primary concern: political stability, environment and cost. They have contacted with potential partners in Canada, USA, Georgia in Europe, and some southeastern Asia countries.
The company has 500MW capacity in operation and expect to expand to 3000MW by 2018. Robert Zhao told 8btc that the mining pool of the company is open to customers only. Therefore 8btc cannot verify the claim that the mining pool ranked #7 constantly.
According to Wang Ran from Walian, the company is selling 5,000 A1 (delivered in late May) and 5,000 E3 (8 GPU, 230m, delivered in late April) .

Currently in domestic market, Bitmain is taking the lead, followed by Canaan (Avalon), Ebang, Shenma. Bitfily is the latest player in the crypto mining industry.


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