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Bitcoin Mining Rigs Keep Coming Despite Industry Sluggish

Bitcoin miner manufacturers have been working hard on generating more advanced mining chips in order to stand out in the rat race, despite the recent industry sluggish.

Canaan creative, the world’s second largest manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining hardware, or Avalon maker, said its latest mining rig A10 was scheduled to roll out in the first half of 2019.

Many think crypto miner makers are having a tough time amid the recent crypto depression, while according to Canaan’s sales director Chen Feng, the company saw no cut in miner production and would release the latest mining rig A10 next year depending on the market situation.

“For most of time, you go down in order to fly higher in the future. So instead of predicting what the market will be like in 2019, we should contain our get-rich-overnight mindset. Last year’s bull market did help some people rise to rich in short time, but after all these ups and downs, those left are players who really make a long-term contribution to the industry.” said Chen regarding visions for 2019.

Innosilicon, designer of the industry leading cryptocurrency mining ASIC products, also announced its latest bitcoin miner T3. Touted as the “No.1 BTC miner for 2019”, Innosilicon Terminator 3 could deliver a maximum hash rate of 43TH/s at 2100W consumption (48.83W/TH). The company’s vice president Alex AO said, the “King of BTC” has been under mass production and ready for shipping ahead of Chinese New Year.

The second half of this year has witnessed a plurality of next-gen BTC miners come out, represented by mining giants’ 7nm ASIC miners – GMO B3, AvalonMiner A9 and Antminer S15, as well as innovative products like bitcoin TV miner and mining heater; at the same time, latecomers like MicroBT, Innosilicon and Bitfily have risen rapidly to gradually change the game.

As a previous report by 8btc, the Whatsminer M10s developed by Shenzhen-based mining chip manufacturer MicroBT yields the highest profit at the so far highest hashrate; and Ebang’s Ebit E11++ performs the best in power efficiency, Antminer S15 among the comparable bargains.



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