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Bitcoin Makes Chinese Govt’s CCID Top 10 Public Blockhain List

The fourth edition of the CCID Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index was released in Beijing last week. EOS retains its title as the top public blockchain based on a combined index of technology, applicability and innovation.

The ranking, generated as a Chinese IT media initiative under China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, puts Ethereum back at the second spot (though it had an increase of 1.7 from the previous period) while Bitcoin moved up six places to the tenth spot from its previous 17 in the last edition. It is the first time it moves into the top 10.

While the gap between EOS’s technology score and Ethereum’s is 22.3 points, Komodo jumped to the third place and the Nebula Chain and NEO were ranked fourth and fifth respectively.

The ranking comes just as the price of Ether sees its biggest drop since March and the first time since November that it will go below $300. First it was alleged that an EOS sell-off of about two million Ether almost brought Ethereum down as the second most biggest cryptocurrency by market cap on its knees in the first half of this year. The claim has resurfaced as Ether’s price stands at almost $295 as at this writing. This time, it is claimed, that various projects that launched ICOs – or initial coin offerings – on Ethereum are cashing out for development purposes thus making Ether’s value sink by more than 17% in the week.

The next CCID ranking would reflect any impact on changes if more projects were launched on or moved from one platform to another especially in the top ten category. For example, a decentralized sports betting exchange, Block Sports, recently switched from Ethereum to run on NEO blockchain. Block Sports cites NEO’s capability to handle higher transactions per second on-chain and its being more flexible in the support of different programming languages.

Though the current model for the ranking is basically the same as its previous edition except for some revised data accounting methods, the latest assessment adds two new public chains: NULS and Tezos. In the future, the CCID evaluation team wants to create an open platform that will provide some indicators in real time for people to see the data.


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