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Bitcoin Enthusiasts, Come and Enjoy Your May 18 HODLers’ Day!

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos once asked Warren Buffett, American’s most prolific investor, “your investment thesis is so simple…you’re the second richest guy in the world, and it’s so simple. Why doesn’t everyone just copy you?”

Warren Buffett responded Jeff by saying, “Because nobody wants to get rich slow.”

This answer by Warren Buffett has a lot of learning and lessons for those who want to make money, become prosperous and live a good life. Still, they are unwilling to get rich slow, especially for those crypto investors, of which few would like to get rich after a long and slow hodling process.

It is hard to HODL

In the crypto space, a majority of investors might have gone through “buying the rip and selling the dip”, and few are able to hodl. To move forward with minimum risks and be able to hold on to the cryptocurrencies for over a long period of time, this requires patience, pursuance and solid temperament.

For those who want to make a profit from crypto investment but are not good at pump-and-dump games, hodling is a good fit with less time and effort input. But it is hard.

F2Pool founder Mao Shixing, better known as btcfish, an early bitcoin investor and top Chinese crypto influencer, was deemed as an extreme hodler, but he also regrets failing to hold on to his Ethereum stakes in early days. In 2016, he sold 100,000 Ethereum at the price of around 20 yuan (roughly $3) /ETH, making 2 million yuan and bragging to his wife about the big win. While these ETH he cashed out at that time would be worth hundreds of millions of dollars at its peak value two years later.

A festival for HODLers

There are actually a lot of such regrets for crypto investors. Do you have such moments? Are you a hodler? How do you stick out over all those fluctuations?

To honor and stand with crypto hodlers, ChainNode (formerly 8btc Forum), the oldest and largest crypto forum in China, is starting and organizing the HODLer’s Day which will be celebrated on May 18 (as the date number 5.18 in Mandarin sounds like “我要发” pinyin “wo yao fa”, which means “I am going to prosper”).


The HODLer’s Day is expected to bring crypto culture to the mainstream and to make it a fashion as well as a worldwide grassroots movement. It is encouraging individuals, communities, and businesses to share their value investment philosophy and be a part of the crypto culture.

The event will last for over a month with a pile of activities. The organizer ChainNode will first invite famous hodlers who have gone through rounds of bitcoin bull and bear to talk about their hodling story and their investment strategy, as well as speculators to battle/converse with these hodlers on crypto investment.

To make crypto a fashion, there will be an oil painting discount buying activity in collaboration with BCA Bitcoin Art which is the first domestic firm focusing on artistic creation in the area of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The event will also bring to us a lot of fun apps with airdrops and rewards. For example, Bytom is launching a bitcoin hodling activity on its MOV platform, which will reward users whose transaction ID contains number 8. And more interesting activities are on the way…

At present, the initiative of “May 18 HODLer’s Day” has already gained support from a line of blockchain projects, exchanges, mining pools and financial service providers including Bytom, OKEx, Coinex, AEX, RenrenBit, BEPAL, Bihu, QKL123, HyperPay,, Digifinex, Hashkey Hub, as well as mainstream crypto media partners including 8btc, Jinse, Mars Finance, ChainNews, Odaily, Bikan, Blocklike…

Under the initiative, there have been thousands of bitcoin enthusiasts participating in the discussion and posting their hodling stories on the ChainNode forum.

The event will be a feast for bitcoin enthusiasts and is welcoming all individuals and companies to join in their own ways. Interested in more details? Check out here, or email to / to contribute your ideas about the activities you wish to join/sponsor in YOUR festival.

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