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Bitcoin Core to Hold Meet-up This Week: Are they really Better than BU?

Bitcoin Core team is to hold a meetup in Shanghai on December 11, 2016.

The meet-up will bring together prominent Bitcoin Core contributors and the Chinese bitcoin community to discuss the future development of bitcoin and blockchain. Topics of speakers will include:

1. What are the benefits of scaling bitcoin and what are the trade-offs? What are the pros and cons of SegWit as scaling solution?

2. Centralization and what role corporations play in bitcoin’s development.

3. What bitcoin can learn from other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum.

4. The role China plays in bitcoin’s development.

5. What can be done to improve communication and cooperation within the bitcoin community, between protocol developers, wallet developers, and miners?

For more about the schedule please see:  Meet-up of Core in Shanghai on Sunday

8btc news will be on site to report the event live during the whole process and will ask questions to collected from home and abroad to make the meet-up more interactive.

The meet-up of Bitcoin Core comes at a fitting time. Several days ago Jiang Zhuoer’s article As a China Mining Pool Owner, Why I am a Hardcore Opponent to SegWit has triggered harsh heated discussion in the Chinese community and Reddit. Mow quickly took move to hold an AMA to face almost all questions and even said “BU are terrible and  BU know nothing about coding while Corm members are good at coding.”  Mow also note he will support onchain scaling and bigger blocksize if needed. (see Samson Mow’s AMA on 8btc: BU are Terrible and We Do Support Onchain Scaling)

But there are still people who think Mow’s answers are vague and commercial and thus still won’t by Mow’s story.

Jihan Wu even said on twitter BTCC is the worst trusted exchange in China during Mow’s AMA period.

Now it’s time for Core members to meet questions themselves, Can they prove they are really better than BU ?

Please follow 8btc news to seek answers.

Leave your comments/questions here and they will be brought to the Core team directly.


  • BitcoinAllBot
    6 years ago BitcoinAllBot

    Here is the link to the original comment thread. Or you can comment here to start a discussion. Author: 8btccom

  • traceability
    6 years ago traceability

    I don’s know Mow will be there or not. If he is there ,please help ask questions from questions from todu which I also feel interested in:
    The company “Blockchain Capital” owns company shares in the company Blockstream. Blockchain Capital also owns company shares in the company BTCC. The company BTCC is very friendly to the company Blockstream. Is that because their common owner owns a lot of stocks in both companies?
    What percentage of Blockstream does Blockchain Capital own?
    What percentage of BTCC does Blockchain Capital own?
    Blockchain Capital also owns company shares in the company Bitfury. Bitfury also is very Blockstream friendly. It seems like Blockchain Capital has a lot of influence.
    What percentage of Bitfury does Blockchain Capital own?
    Who are the owners of the Blockchain Capital company and why do they want Bitcoin to only scale off-chain and not scale on-chain?
    You can see that Blockchain Capital owns shares in both Blockstream and BTCC and Bitfury in this picture:
    The picture was taken from this forum thread:

  • Coinosphere
    6 years ago Coinosphere

    What an odd title.

    “The NY Yankees are meeting for a practice this week: Are they really better than you’re neigbor’s toddler at baseball?”

  • JupitersBalls69
    6 years ago JupitersBalls69

    You’re questioning the integrity of someone or a group of people who have invested into bitcoin…

    The links you used are directly from a forum from someone who has heavily invested into every area of bitcoin. Creating their own reddit forum and publicising their own websites (which also acts as an additional source of income), starting a mining pool, starting their own conferences, their own bitcoin client, and exchanges.

    Do not have double standards.

  • ChairmanOfBitcoin
    6 years ago ChairmanOfBitcoin

    How many damn “meet-ups” do these people need before actually doing something?

    Is this one going to consist of more threats by Core to run SegWit “or else”?

    Are they really Better than BU?

    The BU developers are an order of magnitude more professional, open-minded, and willing to compromise than any of the loons working on Core at this point.

  • traceability
    6 years ago traceability

    Thanks man for your reminding. I just wish Core and BTCC are making decisions out of the interest of the community instead of their own interests.

  • Egon_1
    6 years ago Egon_1

    Well, it shows that BTCC, the only miner with a Chinese background that supports Core, has to convince and do some damage control.

    • ChairmanOfBitcoin
      6 years ago ChairmanOfBitcoin

      Truly baffles me why the top 2 miners plus BW continue to run Core at this point.

      They’ve given them 50 chances to compromise on the block size, and Core refuses to move an inch or do anything other than threaten them with forks if they stop running core.

      Ditch them, and end this nightmare. If Luke, Greg, and Peter rage quit it’ll be a nice side bonus.

  • Shock_The_Stream
    6 years ago Shock_The_Stream

    Are they really Better than BU?

    Societies – in contrast to the communities – are controlled by the totalitarians in most cases. For example, there is just one country on this planet where the people were able to establish direct democracy.

    The libertarians had high hopes that Bitcoin will be such a niche where the libertarians ‘dominate’ the totalitarians. But then the totalitarians hit back and hijacked the project. Next step: Re-liberation.

  • JupitersBalls69
    6 years ago JupitersBalls69

    Where do you think their interests lie?

    I think we can always rely on people to want to make money….

    Bitcoin has been increasing in value steadily for the last ~2 years. BTCC will certainly want more people to use bitcoin so they make more money, therefore their decisions are probably centred around that idea.

    Whatever decisions Core are making, are made in consensus with 100s of developers. I trust 100 people to reach decisions that are in the interest of the larger community than a handful who could easily be manipulated and bought. I’m not saying that anyone is acting with devious intentions but odds are not on Core.

    What the majority of people say on these forums should be taken more in humour than seriously.

  • coin-master
    6 years ago coin-master

    Are they really Better than BU?

    Way worse actually. They are holding Bitcoin back.

  • coin-master
    6 years ago coin-master

    For example, there is just one country on this planet where the people were able to establish direct democracy.

    Now I’m curious, which one should that be?

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