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Bitcoin Cash’s Rumoured Split: NChain Publishes Alpha Release, Announces New Pool

As the rumoured split on the Bitcoin Cash network continues to be peddled, NChain has published the alpha release of its Bitcoin SV codebase on Wednesday, Aug. 29 as a preview which it says is in request to miners and pool operators. Notable among its changes so far include its default maximum mined block being bumped to 32 MB and the removal of limit on number of opcodes.

NChain had announced the creation of Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) as a new full node implementation of the original Bitcoin protocol on Aug. 16 supposedly at the request of leading Bitcoin Cash mining enterprise CoinGeek and other miners. It is not clearly stated how this release is going to affect the Bitcoin Cash network but the fact that NChain also announced a mining pool called ‘SV Pool’ for miners to point their hashrate at the SV client raises some questions.

On the same day of the release, NChain’s chief scientist, Craig Wright, confirms the launch of svpool whose landing page states (in Chinese) that the “brand new public pool” is “in line with the original Nakamoto sight and Bitcoin SV agreement.” Bitcoin SV is the name of open-source software which enables the use of Bitcoin Cash. It is a fork of the Bitcoin ABC software project which “…is prudent to make incremental improvements to the (Bitcoin Cash) system with technically sound design and careful engineering” since it does not consider it as perfect though it “believe that the basic design of Bitcoin Cash is sound, and does not need any radical change.”

As Craig confirms that SV Pool is independent of Coingeek and BMG pools, he also links Bitcoin ABC to Bitmain’s Jihan Wu. He later tweets to say no agreement has been reached with Bitcoin ABC and Jihan on the issue but maintains that there will be no split.

According to the SV Pool website, the initial version of the public pool will be released in September while the full version is slated for release in January.


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