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Bitcoin Bonus? See What China’s Tech Giants Reward Their Employees

In China, year-end bonuses are usually rewarded to employees before Chinese Lunar New Year (Spring Festival). The long-waited annual largess from tech companies and annual showoff from their employees are always big news at the year end. The Spring Festival bonus of 2018 from China’s tech giants are especially enviable.


Huawei: year-end bonus again cash

The Chinese’s love for RMB has been soaring especially Chinese Yuan strengthens against US Dollar recently.

Ren Zhengfei, founder and president of Huawei, China’s largest manufacturer of telecommunication hardware and handset, once said,

“What is talent? The most typical Huawei staff, in my view, are not talents. However, the more you pay them, the more talented they will become.”

In such corporate culture, Huawei’s annual bonus is quite straightforward: cash, cash, cash! In 2008, Huawei also introduced equity incentive measures to further motivate employees.

About the recent hot blockchain technology, Huawei has already been in with its BaaS platform.

“Blockchain itself is supposed to be a very good technology, solving the issue of trust, and Huawei applies this to solve internal security problems. While we don’t want it to be involved with cryptocurrency.” Zheng Yelai, president of Huawei Cloud BU, said.

Tencent: 1000 shares Tencent stock

Tencent is also quite generous to his staff. Apart from the eye-popping annual cash bonus equal to N+ months’ salary, Tencent stock have become a better way to reward its fellows.

At the “2017 Tencent Internal Annual Conference” held in December 2017, Pony Ma personally presided over the lucky draw, and the first prize was 1,000 shares of Tencent stock worth 300,000+ yuan calculated by the current market value.

In terms of blockchain layout, Tencent has likewise been developing a BaaS platform, called TrustSQL which could be applied to fields in finance, public welfare, law and logistics.

WeChat: everyone awarded an iPhone X

In the annual party of Tencent’s WeChat team in January, every member of WeChat team was awarded an 258GB iPhone X, worth ten thousand Yuan. It has been the routine for WeChat to make an annual newly-released-iPhone award for its dedicated employees. Back in 2016, everyone got an iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6s in 2015.

Alibaba: Empty your shopping cart

As a leading E-commerce tycoon, Alibaba’s annual party drew worldwide attention. The lucky dog can have his/her shopping cart emptied, which wan hoorays from female staff especially when it was during the Double Eleven Shopping Spree Festival.

Alibaba wins the global patent champion with 43 pieces of blockchain patents in 2017, including Ant Blockchain which supposes to be applied to fields in supplychain, finance, public welfare and health care, and world’s first blockchain-based email evidence repository early in 2016. In March 2017, Alibaba joined hands with PwC to explore blockchain in fight against food fraud and increase the traceability of food products.

Meitu: Bitcoin award

Meitu, developer of China’s most popular beauty cam, awarded 0.0888 bitcoin to 15 lucky employees, totally 1.332 bitcoin worth $12,000 according to the price on Feb 1st when the annual party was held.

Meitu launched its Blockchain Solution White Paper on 22th of January, 2018. According to the white paper, Meitu plans to create Meitu Intelligent Passport (MIP) – a decentralized and security-encrypted identity passport, to bridge the digital and real world to build up a trustworthy blockchain environment.

Apart from the lucky draws above, a year-end bonus of 2-6 months’ salary is a must for employees with these tech giants like BATJ (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, JD) and Huawei.

2018 is said to be the Blockchain Year. More and more tech companies are competing to lay out deployment in blockchain and thus blockchain professionals are urgently needed. To draw or retain those blockchain professionals, those golden handcuffs mentioned above are a must.


Happy Chinese New Year and wish a better year-end bonus next year with the well developing of blockchain business.

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