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BCOO, an Exploration of the Token Economy and the Application of Tokens

BCOO is a pioneer token implemented on an integrated offline and online platform. Token can represent all rights and interests such as ID, diplomas, tickets, award points, card vouchers, and any financial asset (equity, bonds, derivatives, structured products, etc.)…effectively any identity or value artifact.

Just like BCOO’s CEO, Mr. Joseph Sadove introduced in the interview with Phoenix TV, BCOO is an universal rewords/points. It developed a complete and seamless business model that forms a closed, sustainable loop value model for business. The first stage, 1 billion issuance of digital tokens launched based on the Ethereum ERC20. Develop tools (mobile apps, retailer wallets, etc) for retailers and build out network of retailers in current stage. The BCOO wallet used as the bookkeeping center and transparent value store interface between the online and offline platforms. After it, BCOO will create DAO migrate to own blockchain.

Hybrid Centralized may be an exploration of the Token Economy and the application of tokens. Blockchain don’t suit for the high frequency applications now, in case of low transaction speed, high transaction cost, extensibility (compatibility), poor operation convenience…… BCOO is decentralized, as a token and currency. However the BCOO wallet and the implementation is centralized now.

BCOO, is an universal rewards/points of the token economic model. It can appreciate in value, be exchanged for hard currency, and mutually benefit consumers and businesses. The rewards/points market is very large, but the rewards/points are “not good to use”, the same as the chicken ribs. However, BCOO has a chance to improve it. BCOO made the retail rewards to be a kind of currency.

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