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BCH Going Back to BTC? Bitcoin Twitter Handle Change Adds to BCH Worries

The non-reversal of a default setting of’s Twitter handle which is known to represent Bitcoin Cash (BCH) after it changed to now carry (meant for the Bitcoin (Core) community) on its page profile is raising questions as well as theories.

The squabble follows a change that was first noticed around August 9 shortly after Bitcoin (BTC) suddenly became the default buy on the platform instead of BCH. A swift promise by the lead figure known for the Bitcoin fork, Roger Ver, seems to have changed nothing. Ver, through his Reddit handle MemoryDealers, had noted that the default setting will be “changed back to BCH ASAP” but it has not been done as at this writing fueling doubts that there could be more to the matter than it’s being made to seem.

Issues about Bitcoin Twitter handle

BCH earlier this month celebrated its two-year anniversary as a split of Bitcoin. It has always maintained that it represents the true vision of what Bitcoin is meant to be: an electronic peer-to-peer cash system. Aside being in a contentious issue between the BTC and BCH communities, the control of the Bitcoin Twitter handle is regarded as an advantage to share relevant information about the cryptocurrency. BCH has been controlling it until now when the matter is yet unresolved.

So far, the most recent post on the Twitter page is now from July 15 even as there is a claim that some of its tweets related to BCH are being removed – a Twitter account started picking up and archiving the deleted tweets. The number of the Twitter accounts the Bitcoin handle follows has also reportedly dropped to 75 from about 200. Meanwhile, despite these strange occurrences, no official statement has been made to the effect by Ver whom, it is believed, would have aired his views if he owns the account.

The unchanged setting comes as a report says Ver has quietly relinquished his CEO role at for Stefan Rust to take over. A Reddit user had made a wild guess immediately after the news (that was several days before the Twitter handle default saga surfaced) that the domain will later “return to be about bitcoin”.

Theories, questions about Bitcoin Twitter handle 

While the issue rages on without any authoritative explanation, there are assumptions that the Bitcoin Twitter account could have been hijacked. Some in BCH camp suggest that it could have been censored by the microblogging site especially for its CEO, Jack Dorsey who has been open about his interest in Bitcoin as well as the Lightning Network. As plans to launch a cryptocurrency exchange (website’s countdown shows in less than 13 days as at this writing), another theory is that it‘s to pave the way for BCH to attract users hence the need to delete all the negative Bitcoin-related tweets.

The confusion raises the question of whether one person or entity should be in control of the Bitcoin brand including its Twitter handle and domain name considering there now exists various forks of the top cryptocurrency – BTC, BCH, BSV, BTG, etc. The need to understand the labels attached to both coins and their wallet implementation – Bitcoin (Bitcoin Core) and Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin Cash ABC) could also be debated. In the meantime, while hoping to get some clarification on the sudden change rather than to speculate, many are eager to hear from the owner of the handle to get a full picture of what is happening.

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