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Bankledger Middleware Designed to Make Blockchain Service Enterprise-ready


A blockchain report released by World Economic Forum released last year revealed that over 90 central banks are discussing how to implement blockchain and predicted that 80 percent of commercial banks worldwide would develop their own blockchain applications to provide better financial services in 2017.

Now it is widely accepted that blockchain could be a game-changer in areas concerning digital asset, supply chain, debt and equity, notarization, electronic billing, medical records, the Internet of things and data sharing. But as adaptable and flexible as Ethereum, Fabric or Elements and other blockchain platforms are, they are not accessible to all businesses. And when a company is already using a blockchain platform, it would be too costly to replace it. Is it possible to provide a universal solution where enterprises could develop applications based on different blockchain platforms in a cost effective way?

This is what Bankledger is working on. As a blockchain startup, it is going to launch Bankledger Middleware(BMWare) in April. It allows clients signed up to the platform to access to blockchain services and quickly develop their own blockchain applications.

Based on BMWare, Bankledger have three types of business models.

Bankledger Developer Platform(BDPlatform)

For small and medium- sized companies and public institutions short of resources they need to develop a blockchain application, they will find a public API, SDK and a demo procedure available at its open-source development platform. A JAVA developer could use these to help him understand blockchain tech and quickly get started with building a prototype solution within two months.

Bankledger Private Deployment(BPDeploy)

For large businesses and government agencies looking for confidentiality and security, Bankledger will provide a tailor-made solution to launch BMWare and multiple blockchain platforms at their own networks where data would be stored. And Bankledger will help upgrade software when necessary.

Industry-specific Solutions

Bankledger and its clients can pull together to develop, test and scale a blockchain application to better solve industry-specific issues to benefit world economy.




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