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Baidu Quietly Launch P2P CDN Miner And Deny Connection With Bitcoin

November 22, Baidu launched a P2P CDN product quietly. It allows corporate users and individual users to exchange idle bandwidth and storage with cash reward. Unlike Xunlei’s onecloud project, Baidu denies connection with bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies.



On the official website, Baidu Baijin indicates two kinds of account are open for registrtion: corporate and individual. By opening the corporate application page, we may find hhe configuration requirement for “Super Miner”

Baidu P2P CDN Super Machine is a P2P CDN client for VIP clients with idle resources. It can help VIP clients to minimize the cost of the data center by contributing idle bandwidth or peak bandwidth gain.


The cofiguration requirement for Baidu “Super Miner”

The essence of P2P CDN is to share idle bandwidth. CDN is a kind of content distribution network built on top of interenet. CDN requires certain operation on client side. Common practice to built CDN network is to acquire server in data center, which is reliable but costly. Internet companies that rely heavily on content distribution need to find a more cost-effective way. P2P CDN network emerges to meet the demand. Companies incentivize users to act as node to relay contents through some hardware device (like router). Users are rewarded in different ways by companies.
Onecloudcoin or WKC by Xunlei is based on such business model.

Users need to buy Xunlei’s hardware devices to share their idle bandwidth in exchange of OnecloudCoin, which can be used in the entire Xunlei ecosystem.  As the supply is halved every year, the mining model and equipment has so much in common with Bitcoin. OnecloudCoin has been questioned with resemblance of  ICO, which has been banned by the authority in September. Thanks to the Onecloudcoin(WKC), stock price of Xunlei soared in the past two month. On October 18 it was around 5.01 USD while the closing price has reached 21.35 US dollars on November 21.

Baidu P2P CDN follow the same pattern of Xunlei but has no connection with digital currency.
As per Tencent, the principle of CDN network is to utilize P2P download and sharing technology to collect idle storage and bandwidth of family users which will then packaged into CDN services to provide storage, acceleration and distribution capabilities for other products. The incentive mechanism is based on the network traffic contributed by the user after joining the P2P CDN network and settled in cash. The corporate nodes get their money through public-to-public bank transfers. Individual users can withdraw money through their Baidu Wallet. There are no tokens involved in the process and has no connection with Bitcoin or other digial currency.
Public information shows that on September 18 this year, Baidu has obtained CDN business license.


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