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Baidu Promote Wallet Through Pet-chain, A Clone of Cryptokitties

It’s reported that Baidu has released its blockchain-based game: pet chain, a Cryptokitties-like game built on blockchain. After downloading baidu wallet, each user can claim two pet dog and some “micro credits”for free. The product is developed by Baidu Blockchain Lab, a member of Hyperledger.


The official website of petchain says that:

“Adopt your blockchain digital dog for free”.

The page offers 10 pet dogs for adoption. Each dog has a unique gene. There are eight appearance features: body type, pattern, eyes, color of eyes, mouth, belly color, body color and pattern color. Each feature has two different attributes: rare or common. These attributes will determine the pet’s ultimate level of rarity, which are classified as normal, rare, excellent, legendary, mythological.


On the intro page of Pet-chain,

“After clicking the “claim free “button, your petdog and credits will be awarded to your account. When there are huge crowds, the transaction might be delayed on blockchain confirmation, please be patient.”

When user claim petdog from baidu, his wallet will also be awarded a certain amount of “micro credits”, which could be gained through other products of baidu and used for buying pet dog. Dog could be sold on pet market for the “micro credits”, which cannot not used elsewhere.

According to the field test of Leifeng, the “buy” button is not working at the moment. The blockchain network might have crashed due to the sheer amount of flooding of users. As a member of hyperledger, the Baidu blockchain solution seems incapable of delivering what is being expected.

With Alipay and wechat pay being the leader in China online payment tool, Baidu has been trying hard to share the market. The blockcahin-based pet dogs is the latest attempt to promote its wallet service.


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