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Baidu Launches Blockchain-Based Stock Image Platform to Fight Copyright Infringements in China

China’s internet search behemoth Baidu has launched a blockchain-based stock photo service platform on Wednesday in bid to protect photographers from copyright infringement.


The platform, dubbed as “Totem”, will timestamp every submitted original image from users with a real-time identity, and record data associated with the pictures on a traceable and immutable decentralized network.

Baidu’s blockchain team said in an interview with Chinese tech news site 36 Kr that “Totem” ,launched by Baidu Search, adopts a self-developed blockchain network for copyright registration and is an upgrade to the Baidu Source Plan(百度源计划) .

With the help of the firm’s existing capacity in artificial intelligence, the blockchain-based platfrom provides one-stop service for registered users, allowing their works to be traced, reproduced, and monitored , aiming to track and substantiate intellectual property infringement claims.

Moreover, the Chinese Google claims that Totem also helps to increase the exposure of some superior original images in Baidu Image and Baidu Search , helping these photographers to gain more revenue.

According to its website, without strict access mechanisms, Totem offers service for all photographers who own the copyright of their original images for free. “Permanent blockchain-based copyright registration and time stamp will be free for the users who successfully register on the platform .” The website shows.

It is reported that Totem has partnered with five photo agencies so far, including Visual China Group and , and many well-known Chinese photographers have moved to the platform,too.

The initiative comes three months after the established tech firm unveild its Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform. And Baidu also released its Cryptokitties-like game , called “Laici Go” in February. After downloading baidu wallet, each user can claim two pet dog and some “micro credits” for free, as reported by 8btc.

Through these initiatives, Baidu has distinguished its blockchain layout from the other two China’s tech kings, Alibaba and Tencent. Alibaba’s blockchain team seeks to apply blockchain technology to track commodities, while Tencent focuses on the blockchain-powered supply chain finance.


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