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Baidu Integrates Blockchain Into Its Online Encyclopedia

China’s search giant Baidu unveiled a latest blockchain project on May 28 to integrate the technology into its online encyclopedia.



The project, jointly run by Baidu blockchain team and Baidu Baike,China’s Wikipedia, enables version information of all Baidu Baike items to be stored on the blockchain, guaranteeing that the revision history of the page cannot be tampered with, and editing information can be verified.

Chai qiaozi, head of Baidu’s Blockchain Native Application told 8BTC that this new product is part of Baidu’s blockchain layout, which is to increase the credibility of a Baidu Baike item.

“This product represents a combination of our existing business and blockchain technology, which can be considered as Baidu’s blockchain product 1.0. And we will release a brand new product in the coming months. The product’s philosophy, positioning and architecture will be integrated with blockchain, and we plan to launch a token based on Baidu’s own blockchain platform.” Chai said.

When it comes to the follow-up plan of Baidu’s blockahin business, Chai responded that they had made the plan of blockchain product 4.0 which was expected to be released in the second half of next year. But on October 1, they plan to launch the product 2.0.

As for the application scenarios of their blockchain products, Chai hinted that they would be the areas that the search giant was relatively good at. Although Chai was unwilling to disclose more details, it is not hard to imagine that Baidu hopes to use blockchain technology to upgrade its search engine, to prevent fraud, and even to protect intellectual.

In April, Baidu has launched a blockchain-based stock photo service platform in bid to protect photographers from copyright infringement.The platform, dubbed as “Totem”, will timestamp every submitted original image from users with a real-time identity, and record data associated with the pictures on a traceable and immutable decentralized network.


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