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Baidu Cloud Engine Launches Two Innovative Blockchain Scheme

On May 9th, Baidu Cloud Engine held “ABC Tech On 2019 Technology and Application Forum | Blockchain” forum in Shanghai. The theme of this forum is ” how Baidu Cloud Engine use ABC + Blockchain to empower the industry blockchain and build a mutual-trust business ecosystem'”. By sharing the successful application case of Intel, Pudong Development Bank, Duxiaoman and other partners, Baidu Cloud Engine shows its leading product technology and capability in the area of blockchain application products and solutions.
Baidu Cloud Engine announced two innovative scheme and blockchain commercialization super partnership plan on forum. This shows that Baidu Cloud Engine has been equipped with the comprehensive practical ability and experience of application, and it is leading in commercial practice.


(Blockchain Commercialization Super Partnership Plan was launched)

From introduction, Baidu Cloud Engine is built upon the most comprehensive blockchain product system, inheriting the leading capabilities of ABC (AI, Big Data, Cloud Computing), and equipped with the features of low threshold and advanced technology. Baidu Cloud Engine Blockchain, equipped with BAAS (Block Chain as Service), will continue to improve the cloud enabling center in the future, strengthen the development and commercial application of Blockchain, and further help enterprises in various fields to build blockchain network of digital assets.

For the next generation of blockchain technology for enterprise, Baidu Cloud Engine team believes that it will have the following features:

1. Rapid development of exclusive application chains rather than intelligent contracts;

2.Changeable software architecture for different business needs;

3. Distributed blockchain network upgrading scheme after service change;

4. Change business rules through flexible on-chain governance mechanisms;

5. Enterprise-level cross-chain communication protocol.

The most important part of this forum is that Baidu Cloud Engine released two innovative scheme: trust data ecological chain solution and audio and video copyright protection solution.

Trust data ecological chain solution, also known as “Baidu Ocean Engine”, provides one-stop enterprise-level trust data collaboration solutions. Aiming at the issues about privacy security, computing performance deficiencies and data reliability in the era of big data, it tries to solve the problem of data trustworthiness and unification in the chain up and below. The data trust collaboration capability provided by this scheme can realize software and hardware security protection and isolation, data rights guarantee, secure and private data computing, and the ability of trust unification up and below the chain. It has three distinct features: leading innovation technology; real commercial application, supporting users to choose flexibly according to the scene; and ecological openness.


Blockchain Audio and Video Copyright Protection Solution aim at the serious copyright protection issue. The whole industry lacks a simple and effective protection scheme for the whole process, which is difficult to confirm, detect and safeguard right. This solution will redefine the way of copyright protection, and build a new digital content copyright format through the two capabilities of blockchain and media DNA. The scheme provides all-dimensional protection through supporting capabilities such as anti-theft chain, video encryption and watermarking overlay. The whole scheme covers the all scenario of copyright certification, trading, rights protection to make everything simple and reliable.

Baidu Cloud Engine announced the launch of the commercial super partnership plan, looking forward to working with industry pioneers to create a prosperous business blockchain ecosystem. According to the report, the Super Partnership Plan is divided into three dimensions: market, solution and innovation. Pudong Development Bank, Intel, Ouyeyun Commercial Stock, Hand Information, China Unicom Research Institute, Baidu Venture Capital and other partners have jointly witnessed the opening of the blockchain commercialization super-partner program.


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