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Avalon Release 30T 7nm Bitcoin Miner and Two Mining Household Appliances

August 8, Hangzhou – Canaan (Avalon), the world’s second-biggest maker of bitcoin mining hardware, released four new breaking products – AvalonMiner A9 for bitcoin mining, AvalonMiner L for litecoin mining, bitcoin mining TV and heater at its press conference.


AvalonMiner A9

Claimed as the world’s first 7nm bitcoin mining chip, the ASIC, with 60-70W/TH performance, is currently in mass production, but price remains undisclosed. As previously reported by 8btc, this 30T AvalonMiner A9 has been pre-announced a week before in Chinese on the company’s WeChat official account.

Featured by faster 7nm ASIC chips with hashrate ranging from 26.5T to 30Tera hash, the A9 miner could outperform most competitive rivals in the market both in hashrate and power efficiency.

Compared with Bitmain’s popular Antminer S9 claimed to be the most powerful and efficient miner available on the market whose advertised capacity is 14 TH/s, Avalon A9 delivers twice more hashrate than S9.


AvalonMiner L

As for its litecoin miner L, its performance is also quite eye-catching with hash power at 1891M and power consumption at 0.84W/MHS.2

Prior to that, the current crypto miner market has been dominated by 16nm chips delivering hashrate limited within 15TH/s. The rollout of AvalonMiner A9 featured by 7nm chips marks a great leap of hashrate from an average of 14TH/s to 30TH/s.

AvalonMiner Inside (TV miner) and heater miner 

The blockchain-powered smart TV is allegedly world’s first bitcoin mining TV, equipped with supercomputing chips and Android interactive system. It features A3210 16nm ASIC chips with hashrate of 2.8T and power consumption at 100w/T, making it possible for a household appliance to generate earnings by mining while watching your favorite dramas.

The heater, equipped with 52 16nm A3210 chips, is advertised to deliver a hashrate of 5.6TH/S with power consumption at 100w/T.

Earlier this May, Canaan, with revenue of 1.3 billion yuan ($205 million) last year, had filed for $1 billion IPO in Hong Kong, becoming the first Hong Kong IPO from the cryptocurrency industry. Its latest new product release has again caused a quite stir in the mining industry after its IPO.


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