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ASUS Partners With Quantumcloud To Use Idle Graphics Cards To Mine Cryptocurrency

ASUS, the Taiwanese computer-hardware manufacturer, has announced a partnership with Quantumcloud, in an effort to turn idle graphics cards into cryptocurrency miners.

The tech giant announced on Nov 29 that it has teamed up with Quantumcloud, a startup with a software solution that allows gamers to use their idle graphics cards to mine cryptocurrency and receive a digital cash payout through Paypal or Wechat.

ASUS gamers will be able to download Quantuncloud software to manage their digital wallet, set up cryptocurrency mining and perform conversions and transfers automatically. It means that when users’ graphics cards are not being used by games or other tasks, it can be used to mine cryptocurrencies.

Details about which cryptocurrencies will be available to mine and how much they can earn are yet to be revealed.

In early August, leading crypto miner maker Canaan launched the world’s first bitcoin TV miner and a mining heater, which stirred up some hype in the crypto community, for they are everyday household appliances rather than specialized mining machines.

Similarly, ASUS’s late attempt in crypto mining is also making use of the idle resource – mining while the PC is on.

The company is the latest tech giant to enter the cryptocurrency mining game, while it is not the only manufacturer looking to profit from the crypto craze. Prior to it, Sapphire, another well-known video card manufacturer, has officially joined the arm race days earlier.

Earlier this month, AMD, the world’s leading manufacturer of graphics cards, has announced the partnership with other seven top-ranking tech firms to provide the next best crypto mining rigs, which includes Sapphire and ASUS.

The long bear in 2018 has pushed a large number of operations out of the space. GPU giant Nvidia has fled the industry suffering great loss. It seems its competitors still have faith in future growth in the crypto sector and are thirsty for a piece of the action from the crypto market.

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