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AntPool Stars to Pay BCH ABC Payment as well as the BSV Candy

Bitcoin Cash, the fourth largest cryptocurrency in market cap, has forked into BCH ABC and Bitcoin SV (BSV) on November 15, 2018. The disagreement behind the hard fork has been considered as one of the main perpetrators of the recent crypto market crash, and now the dust has finally started to settle.

According to Bitcoin Cash data aggregator Coin Dance, BCH ABC has been accumulating more PoW than BSV. In addition, BCH ABC has gained support from major crypto exchanges including Bittrex, Kraken, Bitstamp, and Coinbase.

As the world’s largest Bitcoin mining pool Antpool is owned by the dominant hardware manufacturer Bitmain, there is no doubt that it has joined the ABC side.

AntPool has launched an announcement, regarding BCH ABC payment and BSV candy distribution on November 27.

The mining pool said that, since “the newly forked BSV is incompatible and does not add replay protection, AntPool has already applied protective measures to the BCH of our users, and suspended BCH payment from 00:00 Nov.16, 2018(GMT).” The earnings have been temporarily kept by AntPool.

At present, as the main net of BCH tends to be stable, the Antpool will start to pay the BCH ABC payment in succession. The announcement indicated that the BCH payments saved in AntPool will be paid out according to payment terms and conditions.AntPool-Review-A-Closer-Look-At-One-Of-The-Major-Crypto-Mining-Pools-696x449

In the meantime, BSV has been criticized by its level of decentralization. meanwhile, Peter Rizun, chief scientist of Bitcoin Unlimited, also reported that BSV suffered a blockchain reorganization (a situation when a node or a blockchain client needs to disregard blocks they have previously considered as accepted).

Nevertheless, AntPool would still launch BSV address configuration function in the near future for its users to get the BSV Candy from the BCH hard fork. By that time, Users only need to submit their address on the page and then, they may get their BSV Candy within one month. As of press is trading at $ 81.72 according to Coinmarketcap.

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