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Antminer S9 Becomes the Rage at the Market as Bitcoin Hit $24k

As bitcoin skyrocketing to record-high to $24000, Antminer S9 is once again popular in the market. At present, the latest prices of the second-hand Antminer S9 have been above 250 Chinese yuan. 20 days ago, the price of the machine was only about 110 Chinese yuan, which has doubled in such a short period of time.

According to the current bitcoin price, Antminer S9 is now quite cost-effective. According to the data of relevant mining pools, the daily value of S9 is 14.8 Chinese yuan and the daily net income is 4.2 Chinese yuan at the electricity price of 0.34 Chinese yuan/kWh. Even though the price of the machine has skyrocketed to 250 Chinese yuan, it only takes about two months to cover the cost of the machine.

For miners, the mining machine is not only a tool for bitcoin mining, but also more like a financial product.

When the bitcoin price pumps, the price of mining machines in the hands of miners will rise due to the lack of supply and futures. During this period, the miners “made money from both mining and machines”. Not only did the bitcoin they mine become valuable, but also the mining machines in their hands. When the bitcoin price soars, even the obsolete old models will take up their posts again.

In sharp contrast to the current market, in March this year, more than 2 million Antminer S9 were forced to shut down due to the sharp fall in bitcoin prices, and once exited the market.

Based on the electricity charge of 0.38    Chinese yuan/kWh at that time, the daily output of Antminer S9 was 7.52 yuan, the daily electricity charge was as high as 11.86 yuan at that time, and the daily net loss was 4.34 yuan when it started working.

“According to the data from F2pool, from March 10 to 19, about 2.3 million Antminer S9 were forced to shut down.”

Said an industry personage. Now, with bitcoin prices hitting all-time highs, the plot has reversed. Antminer S9 not only came back, but also regains the new life.

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