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Ant Financial Offer Blockchain Solution To Build Smart City in Xiong’an

15th October, 2017 Xiong’an-According to the official WeChat of Xiong’an New Area, Alibaba Group has delivered a report on cooperation of blockchain to local authority. Peng Yijie, Partner of Ali Group, and his party visited Xiong’an New Area. Chen Gang, Member of the Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor, Director of the Xiong’an Administration Committee, attended the briefing and put forward specific suggestions. The two parties is hoped to sign agreement on blockchain development in the New Area.
In the meeting, Ant Financial team introduces the blockchain solution from overall design to specific implementation plan. The goal is to build a smart financial city based on technology. Chen Gang put forward suggestion from three perspectives: refine existing overall design and focus on the design of key use cases, especially the housing rental applications and the application of credit rating system; the incentive mechanism shall focus on good user experience; the blockchain applications shall be people-oriented, the ultimate value of care Concept, explore, promote the construction of block chain.

On 19th September, the Administrative Committee of the Xiong’an New Area announces that the authority will

“Introduce blockchain technology to build a clean, transparent and efficient government.”

For example, the entire process of decision-making of project construction will be stored as evidence on blockchain and could be retrieved any time to track down legal liability if necessary.

“Moreover, this information is not built on a database, but through the block chain technology storage, you can achieve permanent preservation.”

A staff from Xiong’an New area said. Blockchain technology has been implemented in administration management with features like distributed storage, immutability.
But Ant Financial wants to deploy blockchain not just on government management. The Ant Financial offers a blockchain solution covering business, government affairs and public livelihood. Not long ago, Ant financial also discloses its “BASIC” strategy in technology development.
Alibaba is not the only internet giants that favours Xiong’an New Area. Tencent, Baidu and JD are actively engaged in taking a share from the construction of the city. As a newly-established city, Xiongan will be built as an eco-friendly smart city. Four key business segments – environmental protection, traffic sensors, large data analysis and artificial intelligence – are to be its driving forces.


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