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Another China’s Internet Giant Embrace Blockchain – CM Browser Launch Blockchain-based AI Smart Speaker

2017 sees dotcom giants in China represented by BATJ marching into blockchain industry. Many more are coming in 2018. On February 26, CM Browser launched an AI smart speaker integrated with blockchain technology.


CM Browser is the core product of Cheetah Mobile Inc. (NYSE: CMCM), a listed Chinese mobile Internet company founded in 2010 and growing to be the second-largest internet security software provider in China. With millions of monthly active users, the company went IPO in 2015. Last month it has made endeavor to ride the blockchain wave launching a digital asset wallet named SafeWallet catering to overseas users. It is claimed to be the most secure Android cryptocurrency mobile wallet available to manage BTC, ETH and ERC20 Token.

As showed on its website, the speaker will be officially released on March 21, but it can be pre-ordered now. By now there have been 5,618 pre-orders since its launch on Feb.26.  Users can purchase CM AI speaker and bind the app to join its AI-Chain Program. AI points will be rewarded to users who share bandwidth, undertake effective interaction and AI tasks.

What is AI point?

AI point is token-like digital asset supported by technology of data annotated cloud and blockchain based on CM AI speaker. Users can use AI points to purchase services as copyright content service, digital entertainment product, smart hardware and software products, cloud storage and network accelerating provided by CM and its partners. The more AI points you get, the more contribution you make to the AI development. And users will be rewarded according to the amount of AI points at regular intervals.

AI points are outputted based on certain rules. Output efficiency changes with task difficulty. To earn AI point, the AI speaker shall keep online to collect data.

Mode of “hardware+blockchain+token” again

The mode of CM’s speaker reminds us the mode of BFC rolled out by Baofeng (SZ:300431) and token WankeCoin issued by Xunlei (NASDAQ: XNET).

Since last October after the ICO BAN, a line of virtual digital asset as Lianke, LLT (literally traffic coin) and BFC of Baofeng have emerged. Last month, NIFA, a china’s regulatory authority called such digital asset as IMO (Initial Machine Offering) and warns about the risk of such ICOs in disguise. Taking Lianke for an example, Xunlei uses it to replace legal tender for payment to users’ computing contribution, which is actually a financing activity and a disguised ICO.

Many projects were promoting in the name of “blockchain” but they had no connection or substantial contribution to the industries. As its competitors like Amazon Echo and Tmall Genie have taken the lead in smart speaker market, is CM speaker adopting blockchain and AI technology a concept again or a big go?  And the mode is also questioned to collect personal privacy in the name of blockchain the same as Netease’s blockchain app. As p2p financial market has gotten buzzy in the tech world, collecting personal info is the first step.

Considering CM’s all-ready overseas SafeWallet could provide platform for its token-like AI point, it may race ahead of regulation to find its way in the market. Another China’s Internet giant has join the army of blockchain, who’s the next?


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