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AMA Recap: DogDog NFT Artist

Maze: Hello, everyone! We are glad to meet here: DogDog, the creator of DogDog NFTs, he is invited to discuss his exciting NFT journey, anything you need to know about the becoming of a crypto artist in the NFT era!

DogDog: Hello every one, nice to meet you all.

Maze: Welcome DogDog, thank you for taking your time today! Let’s start with the introduction. Could you introduce yourself to our community?

DogDog: I’m the creator of DogDog NFTs, and you can call me DogDog.


Maze: What made you interested in NFT? Were there any opportunities that led you to the NFT world? When did you start your artistic career?

DogDog: I am a designer and after learning about NFTs, I felt it was a great opportunity for us designers to showcase ourselves.

I have a friend who is a crypto enthusiast, and he also let me know NFTs and the various NFT platforms.  I’ve been interested in drawing since I was a kid, and I used to draw cartoon images in my workbooks.

Simon: DogDog, would you like to share some information about you? like your education, interest etc

Nezuko CCWWHAAN: Hey dogdog as an nft artist what is your favorite nft? other than your own

DogDog: I like CryptoDao, the same style as mine.


Maze: You mint some pixel NFTs on Maze platform, can you show some NFTs to us?

DogDog: Sure.

Simon: Nice art work. Which of them is your favourite?

DogDog: I like my avatar,because its expression is very funny.

Simon: Hmm, would you like to tell us the story behind the avatar?

DogDog: These nfts were inspired by my pet who has been with me for several years, but for some reason it is not with me now, so I would like to commemorate him in nfts.

Simon: Interesting…… a way to create memory.

Maze: Is your best art style the pixel style? If you would still mint NFT, what style would you most like to try?

DogDog: Yes, because I’m also from the era of pixel games and have some sentiments.  I would also like to try some more abstract paintings or some photography. 

Sasa milaniv: Your art is so cool, why is it selling so cheap?

DogDog: I want to ensure more people have this series of nfts, and i mint 100 nfts per day, and the price is increasing by 100BTM per day.


Maze: Your profile shows that there are 2208 nft in the DogDog NFT series and only 201 have been minted, what form will the remaining NFT be minted ? Will the subsequent NFT mints be different?

DogDog: The remaining NFT will be minted 100 per day, the release rules and time I want to keep secret first, because I prefer to let people treat DogDog as a game, the subsequent minting of NFT will include some rare NFTs.

Maze: As an art creator, what do you think keeps you moving forward and making it to where you are today in the fierce competition of the NFT market?

DogDog: Be innovative, and the work must contain our feelings.


Maze: When artists display their art, they are able to observe people’s instant reactions to their art pieces through facial expressions, mimics, etc. However, with nft art, this is not possible. What do nft artists feel about it? Because they won’t be able to see these reactions.

DogDog: Well, I think the special thing about NFT art is that people recognize the value of art, and that value is reflected in the amount of token, which is more visually than the instant action.


Maze: Is Maze platform the first nft marketplace you mint NFTs?

Actually, I mint some illustration works and photography works on Opensea before.

Maze: As for NFT platform, what are the first factors you consider?

DogDog: exposure of works, and the circulation.

Maze: Do you think is there any chance to transfer dogdog nft to other platform in the future?

DogDog: Maze is not the first platform I entered, I have minted other types of NFTs on other platforms. But DogDog, as a new brand, is currently only live on the Maze platform. I think the Maze platform is irreplaceable, especially with its trading mode.

Maze: What is your vision about role of dogdog in the future NFT market? are there any following gamfi that will combin the dogdog chracters?

DogDog: DogDog are valuable NFTs in the future, especially the rare DogDog NFTs, and DogDog will follow up with more interesting ways to play.

 Maze: Is your DogDog NFTs suitable for crypto beginners? Or does it only limited for professional users ?

DogDog: At present, they are suitable for newcomers, and I will also launch other ways to play later, including some airdrop or benefits, etc.,you can look forward to it.


Maze: What is the advantages of investing on your DogDog NFTs ? Is there a benefit to being a first-time investor?

DogDog: The advantage of DogDog is that the pre-sell price are much lower compared to other NFTs, but this does not mean that the value of DogDog are lower than other NFTs, so it is very suitable for new investors with few token in terms of cost effectiveness. For the initial investors, with the passage of time, the rights owned will be more and more, such as ownership and commercial use of NFT, airdrop qualification, etc.

Maze: Does holding DogDog NFTs generate passive income?

DogDog: It depends on your understanding of the income, airdrop is a kind of income, the right to use is also a kind of income, you can make NFT you hold into real commodity and sell.


Maze:Can you share Your opinion about Defi & NFT ? What makes your DogDog NFTs rate and special?

DogDog:In fact, I‘m just a art creator, I hope that more people can really own their digital collections, as time goes by DogDog’s value including the price will become higher and higher.


Maze: How do you think about radical trading mode?

DogDog: I like it, because it enables us to keep our works in a state of perpetual circulation, which matches well with the setting of NFTs.


Maze: What do you think is the development direction of NFTs in the next few years? Based on your judgment of NFT trends, what is the next goal you have set for yourself?

DogDog: I believe that NFT is different from traditional artworks in that it has permanent preservation and permanent circulation. With these attributes, it will surpass traditional artworks. I hope that the DogDog series will produce more derivatives and that others can remake them.

Kiveiru: Why you set your nft sell price to 100BTM and the next day set 200BTM on maze?

DogDog: At the beginning, I set 100BTM in order to let more people own dogdog nfts at a cheap price. The price is getting higher and higher later to let nft return to its original value.

W Heart: What is your experience as an NFT artist and what is your biggest achievement in 2021?Please share your experience with NFT and your future plans. I think NFT creation very cool!

DogDog: The process of making nft is a wonderful thing, i put a lot of emotions into it. I just entered this area in 2021, which means im in the initial stage and I want to mint more meaningful nfts this year.

Maze: Thanks for patient answering.

Maze: Today’s AMA is over here. Thanks for participating.

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