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Alibaba’s Blockchain Subsidiary to Issue Tickets for the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou

After numerous pilot projects taking place across the country testing out the burgeoning new technology, the city of Hangzhou has announced a real blockchain-based application. According to a report from China News, the 2022 Asian Games set to take place in Hangzhou will have tickets that will be issued on a blockchain network.

The organizers of the fifteen-day event scheduled for September 2022 have struck a deal with Demai, one of the fastest-growing online ticketing platforms in China. The company, which made its name in China by offering a quick and streamlined way for users to buy tickets for various events, was acquired by tech giant Alibaba back in 2017 and is often put in the front line of innovations in the industry.

All of the tickets for the event will be issued on a blockchain and purchased through a blockchain, Cao Jie, the vice president of Alibaba and the CEO of Demai, said in an announcement. This, Cao explained in his address, will effectively solve the problem of counterfeit tickets and scalping.

“In terms of ticket design and price determination, we will adhere to a people-friendly concept and make it convenient for more members of the public to purchase tickets and watch the games,” Lianq Qanyong, the deputy Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee’s Market Development Department, said. “We also plan on going into various communities, including colleges and universities, where we will solicit ticket prices from the public.”

Aside from the main Asian Games event, tickets for the Asian Para Games will also be issued on Demai’s blockchain platform. The overall arrangement of the tickets will be divided into two subcategories—”major” customer and “public” customers. While the announcement didn’t provide any more details about these categories, it’s safe to assume that the “major” category will be the more expensive option.

The tickets issued on Demai’s blockchain will also do much more than just enabling customers to enter the sporting events. Officials from the Hangzhou Asian Games committee explained that the tickets will come “integrated” with a wide spectrum of included services, which range from travel vouchers, restaurant discounts, and passes for various other activities connected to the games. When combined with other technologies that will be used during the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, which include big data, face recognition, and various other AI applications, the event’s blockchain-issued tickets are set to bring a revolution in the way large-scale public events are conducted not just in the city, but in the entire country as well. 

The official ticketing website of the Hangzhou Asian Games will go online in 2021, officials from the committee said in their announcement. A report from China News noted that customers will be able to purchase tickets on the official website and in brick-and-mortar locations, but didn’t provide any further details about how this type of purchase could work or whether the country’s upcoming digital yuan will be used for purchases. 

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