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Alibaba Cloud Announced New Blockchain-based Solutions for Luxury Goods

April 12, Alibaba Cloud issued a new industrial solution to develop a blockchain-based tool for Tmall’s Luxury Pavilion platform to track the origin and supply chain of the luxury goods. It is also the first blockchain-based application use case in the luxury e-commence area.微信截图_20180413180830

With the technical support from Alibaba Cloud, Tmall’s Luxury Pavilion platform is able to integrate the data of raw material manufacturing, transportation process and marketing process, then record these information in a blockchain. Every single piece of information has a unique blockchain “ID card”, with the digital signature and time stamp for consumers to verify.

Consumers could get corresponding blockchain codes by click on the “Track” button in the purchasing history page on Luxury Pavilion, or simply scan the tracking QR code on the goods they purchase. Then they could get information on the production regions, customs clearance and so on.

Luxury Pavilion was launched last August to deliver the the exclusivity and tailored shopping experience of international big brands to the high-end consumers in China. Although this e-commence platform is quite young, it already attracted nearly 100,000 high-end members each spend more than 1 million RMB ($159,000) per year.

It is also an invite-only platform, only selected brands could participate in. Nine of the top international luxury goods groups, including LVMH, Estee Lauder Group, Swatch Group, L’Oreal Group, PVH Group have cooperated with Luxury Pavilion to offer their products ranging from clothes, skincare products to watches and luxury cars.

Over 50 top brands including Burberry, Baccarat, Bonpoint, Givenchy, Guerlain, Hugo Boss and Hennessy has participated in the Pavilion. To complete a blockchain projects with so much categories requires good comprehensive capability in data processing, resource scheduling, security and accessibility. Alibaba Cloud’s blockchain solution has its unique technical advantages in solving these problems.

“Alibaba Cloud has 43 availability zones across 18 regions all over the world. Which is capable to engaging in large-scale blockchain applications.In the main time, hardware encryption at the chip level along with unique identity authentication could provide maximum protection to user’s privacy and security.”

Alibaba Cloud’s cloud computing centers across the world and its high-speed reliable enterprise-level network provide the infrastructure for building an international blockchain alliance. Which can provide track-and-trace solutions combining with its advanced artificial intelligence services to build an ecosystem of luxury supply chain applications in the near future.


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