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Ali Denied MJB’s Connection With Blockchain, Android App Still Online

On 29 March, an app called Majibao (MJB) was shared by many bitcoiners in wechat moment. The app is believed to be the first public attempt by Taobao on tokenizing its loyalty system. Given the massive user group of taobao and the referral mechanism, the app was circulated fast. However, management executive from Ali Group denied the app and its connection with blockchain. Later the download link of the app was removed but the Android app is working normally. As the login requires account authorization from mobile taobao, the app is no doubt the product of Ali Group.
The download link now shows “coming soon” with brief introduction of the project.

“Majibao is a task distribution system for Taobao customers. Taobao users can earn tokens by completing tasks. Points can be converted into various Taobao loyalties in the future. MJB token are only an indicator, which cannot be cashed out or traded.”

At 15:00, the genesis award of MJB was distributed. The invitation code was nullified and download button inaccessible. IOS version of the app shows that the application’s corporate signature has expired. Users are suggested to reinstall the app or log in again.
Info on the token and any wording of Blockchain are removed from the app.

“Total amount of MJB is 21 billion, of which 8.4 billion will be distributed through POE in the next 84 years until 2101. ”


One may wonder why 2101. Jack Ma once said that Taobao could live for 102 years so that the company, founded in 1999, could last for 3 centuries. The statement has now been deleted. Mentions of “Blockchain” are also removed.

MJB is actually resurrected from a deceased product of Ali. It was originally designed as a task-reward system for taobao users to earn loyalties by fulfilling assignments like invitation of taobao users etc. But the system was terminated in 2016.


According to the response from CEO Assistant of Ali, the MJB project is a product that “has already been taken offline after test”.


However, for those who have installed the android version of the app, the MJB tokens are still being “mined” in the app and the tokens allegedly being traded in some exchanges at press time, which is strictly forbidden in China.


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