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Afri Schoedon: Will not Return but Still a Friend of Ethereum

Ethereum has seen its value on upward momentum these days since February, plus the long-awaited Constantinople fork scheduled for implementation next week, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency is setting out with a good start in 2019.

While its top developer, release manager at Parity Ethereum client, Afri Schoedon’s rage quit after intense criticism from the Ethereum community gets it into a mess again.


(screenshot of Schoedon’s tweet before his quit)

Schoedon’s stepping down from his role soon sparked heated debate as well as reflection within the community. Regarding this, dozens of Ethereum contributors worldwide collaboratively wrote an open letter to the Ethereum community to call for an end to threats and toxic behavior.

Regarding this, 8btc got the chance to have a brief conversation with Schoedon on his rage quit and his further plans. Afri said persistent attacks from the community prevented him from normal work, for which he cannot bear to work in such an environment.

As a core developer who has been contributing the Ethereum network since 2015, many people from the community hope him to return in the future, but Afri confided he has no plan to come back. Despite his appreciation for bitcoin, he said he might not be needed in it. For this, many guess it is very likely that smaller project like Grin which features high decentralization and privacy may befit him.

8btc: We are really sorry for your withdrawal from Ethereum and really appreciate your contribution. Some blame “interest conflict” for your quit while others may think your positive comments about Polkadot brought you an onslaught of online criticism. The real reason is somehow still unclear. Could you tell us what exactly leads your quit?

Afri: I am being attacked for anything I do. I cannot raise technical questions without being downvoted into invisibility. I cannot write proposals without being accused of destroying Ethereum. I cannot merge pull requests without being part of a huge conspiracy. I cannot make conclusions about the roadmap without being guilty for delays.

It’s very exhausting for me personally. I am no longer interested in working in such an environment, especially considering that all my work was unpaid and my personal free time (with the exception for the Parity Ethereum client).

8btc: Many people from Ethereum community miss you a lot. Will you come back in the future?

Afri: No, but we can still be friends.

8btc: You said on your Twitter that you are seeking to join a new project. How is it going? Many people recommend Bitcoin. Do you ever think about the proposal?

Afri: Yes, I love Bitcoin, as much as I loved Ethereum. But I don’t think my contribution is required on such a large, established open-source project.

8btc: Ethereum faces direct competition from Polkadot of which the mainnet will be launched this year. Do you feel worried or stressed since it still needs 2 or 3 years (as you said on Twitter) for Ethereum to move to ETH2.0?

Afri: I don’t think Polkadot is a direct competition for Ethereum. Ethereum was always part of the Polkadot vision, they are complementary. I felt worried about the Ethereum 2.0 roadmap for quite a while. I failed to communicate this properly though, I’m sorry for that.

Apatheticco contributed reporting.

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