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8btc is regarded as the oldest and most influential independent platform to bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency news in China. Its mandate is to provide information, communication and investment services for blockchain startups and investors. Founded in 2011, 8btc News currently has over 200 key opinion leaders (KOL) and researchers specialized in cryptocurrency and blockchain. The English site of it (, set to bridge the blockchain development between China and abroad, has started magnifying its impact beyond boundaries.

We have multi-function feature which consists of 8btc News, 8btc forum(rebranded to Chainnode), 8btc Academy. Currently, we have 800,000+ website users and 200,000+ App users and over 1.4 million articles and posts. The overall page view (Chinese site+English site) has hit 1 billion by 2018.

The 8btc News ( aims to offer the public with the blockchain and cryptocurrency news, reviews from opinion leaders, studies that promotes cutting-edge blockchain technology, business implementation and regulations from a global and extensive perspective. Its page view on a daily basis hits 210K. In 2014, 8btc published the 1st book on Bitcoin with CITIC press: Bitcoin A Virtual yet Real Financial World, The Digital Currency Development Report in 2014-2015 with Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press in 2015, and Blockchain: from Digital Currency to Credit Society with CITIC in 2016.

The 8btc Forum (rebranded to ChainNode has grown into the biggest blockchain and cryptocurrency community in China where blockchain developers, users and investors exchange quality views and ideas. So far over 40 blockchain startups have established subforum to gain seed users and to speed up development based upon feedback. Its page view on a daily basis hits 500K.

Founded in 2013, the English site of 8btc ( has almost 20K registered users. It allows these bitcoiners outside China to have a window to see the blockchain and cryptocurrency happenings in China and the rest of Asia. We have a team of professional editors. They not only possess excellent bilingual language proficiency, but also claim to be experts in blockchain and cryptocurrency areas.


Chang Jia

CEO and Founder of 8btc, Blockchain Researcher, Sci-Fi Writer. Editor and Co-author of Bitcoin, A Real yet Virtual Financial World (2014), and Blockchain: From Digital Currency to Credit Society (2016)