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A Top-level Video Card is Indispensable to High Profits in Crypto Mining

Crypto Mining with video cards is the basic method to extract digital treasure, and the top-level video (card graphics card) is essential equipment for miners.

In the early years, bitcoin mining was a small investment brings a ten thousand-fold profit. But with the increase in the number of miners, the special mechanism of the Bitcoin system makes mining more difficult, and the benefits of miners are also reduced. In order to get more profits, miners have to eye any tiny differences in the mining process, such as the type of video card.

Due to the increasing difficulty of crypto mining, solely one video card is not enough. At least four to six video cards are necessary, which can complement each other. Before choosing a video card, there are several annotations that must be considered.

Memory: the core principle of choosing a graphics card is that the larger the memory is, the better it is, especially for ETH mining. For most cryptocurrencies, the memory of the graphics card should be at least 4GB.

Speed: the best choice is the DDR5 standard card, which achieves a good balance between energy consumption and power.

Cooling: Protecting the graphics card from overheating is significant. Because mining will bring a heavy burden to the video card, making it suffer from wear and tear.

Over frequency capability: the working speed of the video card can increase by 20% – 30%, which helps to improve the mining efficiency.

Video memory bit width: the video memory bit width is the channel connecting the memory of the video card and the graphics processor. How much data a graphics card can process per unit of time depends on the size of the memory. This is one of the key parameters that determine the performance of the graphics card. The best option is the 256-bit setting.

The complexity of operation: many video cards need detailed BIOS settings. Others need to be brought together in large numbers. Most crypto participants believe that it is best to combine four or six video cards in one device to form a single unit.

Potential: the main function of a specific graphics card model is to maintain the longest possible correlation in the mining process of the most promising algorithm.

Price / ROI: It is in everyone’s interest to recover the equipment cost as soon as possible. Therefore, choosing a video card is one of the most important standards to keep in mind.

We still need to carry out further screening according to our own needs. The world of crypto mining is very huge with thousands of algorithms, and it is constantly changing, so we can only pay more attention to continuous iteration and updating, select the most suitable ones.

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