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95% Tron Transaction Volume Contributed by High-Risk and Gambling dApps

The recent data shows massive dApp users are leaving Ethereum and turning to embrace Tron and EOS. However, when you dig deep in these data, that’s another story.

According to statistics from DAppRadar, 95% of Tron’s transaction volume and 70% of EOS’  transaction volume were coming from gambling or other high-risk dApps while this kind of dApps only contributes 2% of all Ethereum’s transaction volume, Japanese technical media TNW reported.

The data shows, only two out of 25 most popular Ethereum dApps appear to be gambling-related, while more than half are gaming apps, for example, the CryptoKitties. One-quarter of the dApps running on Ethereum are exchange platforms and related derivative services.

However, when we take a look at Tron and EOS dApps, things may not look good: 18 out of 25 Tron’s top dApps has been labeled either as ‘high risk’ or ‘gambling’ while 17 of top 25 EOS dApps are gambling-related, which is quite ridiculous.640.webp

Despite Tron and EOS has surpassed Ethereum in transaction volume, dAPPs on Ethereum have a much higher “transaction quality”. This can be attributed to Ethereum’s PoW mechanism.

Under this consensus mechanism, users need to pay a Gas fee for every transaction, which can effectively protect the network from “spam” transactions. As thus, Ethereum dApp statistics has a higher authenticity which can reflect the actual user behavior.

Nevertheless, There are no transaction fees in the economic model of EOS and Tron. This is why those making large numbers of transactions via gambling dApps choose to move to Tron and EOS.

Furthermore, according to a recent update released by major security firms DApp Total and PeckShield, Tron’s hottest dApp game Fishing Master has massive fake addresses, its daily active users are less than 3% of the data shown on the statistic platforms.

According to DAPPTotal, Fishing Master has 11 main contract address, all of which are build by the game developer’s address: TLCuBEirVzB6V4menLZKw1jfBTFMZbuKq7.

This account has made over 250,000 transactions, the trading value of most of these transactions was only 0.1 TRX. This account has sent 0.1 TRX to 185,899 new accounts on the Tron blockchain from November 5, 2018, to March 21, 2019.  640.webp (1)

97 percent of the active users in Match are made-up by this account. Investors should be aware of the false prosperity made by Tron.640.webp (2)


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