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8btc Officially Launched “Crypto Mining Farm Selection”

On May 15, ‘8btc Crypto Mining Farm Selection’ was officially launched, which is a mining resource match-making platform for serving mining farms and miners. It allows miners to find the mining farms they hoped and the mining farms to effectively publicize themselves.

On the one hand, the platform will select high-quality leading mining farms at home and abroad to settle in, displaying core information covering location, power type, high and low hydroelectricity price, powering time, number of unit supporting.

On the other hand, the platform allows miners to upload demands including their own models and number of mining machines, thus matching with corresponding high-quality mining farms.

Most mining farms in China are abundant in unoccupied seats and the electrical charge is relatively cheap this year, but the investment attraction is weak. Information asymmetry may be the largest problem in the mining space at present.

Government authority in China’s Sichuan province known as the world bitcoin mining capital has recently convened a seminar in a bid to encourage cryptocurrency mining operations to help consume excessive hydroelectricity and make up for the economic losses caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Crypto mining is no longer defined as the “Marginal and backward industry” in China’s Sichuan. Over the past two years, crypto mining has become the pursuit of traditional capital and crypto enterprises, listed companies, investment institutions, financial institutions, even crypto exchanges.

Whether the project is compliant? whether the environment is safe? whether the power is stable? whether the operation and maintenance is professional? whether the management is transparent? whether the electricity price is cheap? The question above is the most concern to miner before choosing a mining farm.


The first six selected leading mining farms to come from Tomorrow, Duomi, Cybtc, Pandaminer, Wayi, and Zhengting. These platforms are not only large-scale, but also professional in management, process transparency, and operation & maintenance. They are the leading mining service providers at home and abroad, which the miners can trust.

If you are mining farms, this is the perfect platform for you to show your strength to the miners and the outside investors. As long as you pass the 8btc’s audit, you can settle in, and your “highlights” will be presented to millions of 8btc’s users.

If you’re a miner, it’s also a great place for you to find a suitable mining farm. After registering, select the mining farm you like, and the system will automatically give the contact information. Upload personal requirements and the platform will match the corresponding mining farm for you.

At present, the miner who chooses the listed mining farms can also enjoy the VIP service and rate provided by the MatPool.

8btc is regarded as the oldest and most influential independent platform to bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency news in China. Its mandate is to provide information, communication, and investment services for blockchain startups and investors.

The launch of ‘8btc Crypto Mining Farm Selection’ can not only serve the mining farms and miners but also influence the high-net-worth people who are interested in mining, as well as the traditional capital with the help of millions of 8btc’s fans as the entrance for them to crypto mining space.

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