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8BTC Live Show: Focusing On China Blockchain Industry

8BTC Live Show is a blockchain live streaming talk show designed for industrial leaders, entrepreneurs in blockchain industry. We aim to achieve zero-distance communication between project parties/entrepreneurs and communities in an interesting and delightful way.


8BTC Live Show is the first live streaming talk show focusing on blockchain industry in China. The average clicks and play amounts of 8BTC Live Show is normally over 1.5 million, and the maximum playback amounts was over 3.8 million. (The front page of 8BTC Live Show  )

Our interviewed guests include famous angel investor Guo Hongcai, Bytom team, Juxie of BTS , Cao Yin of energy blockchain, Hao Jie of Magma Fund, Estonian electronic resident core members Oleg Gutsol, Mikk Maal, Liina Billson, Samson of Blockstream , Huang Minqiang of GXS, Li Yinhai of Lightning Bitcoin, Lü Xujun, Dustin Byington of Wanchain, Shenyu of F2Fool & Cobo Wallet, Blockchian Head of 51 Credit Card, Adam of ObEN, Li Jun of Ontology, and the guest list are still growing. (More Information could be found here

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