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8BTC Blockchain Seminar: snpashot of Chinese Blockchain Community

The 2nd 8btc blockchain seminar ended on May 13th. The trainees come from all over the country and in different business. They have different perceptions of the blockchain and also have different questions. Among them there are newbies, blockchain practitioners and “raw” programmers with more than 20 years of working experience. In the two-day seminar, they have inspired each other with fruitful outcomes.


This group of people may be the best snapshot of Chinese blockchain community.

Ms. Shen from Beijing:

I may be one of the most “ignorant” students. I barely know what the blockchain technology is. I own an insurance agency company in Beijing and Hong Kong. I was “fooled” by my friend to buy some bitcoin earlier this year. Till now I still don’t know how to sell it. After two days of study, I have learned a lot. However, I dare not communicate with my mentor because I really don’t know much. Some people said that I am a beginner now. I will join the future seminars in the future. I hope to get to the “advanced” stage and “proficient” stage as soon as possible. I am optimistic about the blockchain field and will allocate more investment. Hopefully my mentors and partners will teach me more.

Mr. Si from Inner Mongolia:

I came from Hohhot and I am a Mongolian. I study computer in university. In 2007, I started an internet company and made chips. Then in the end of 2014, I turned to security monitoring in real estate. It’s bold move and the business failed. I started to learn blockchain last year. Now I’m helping people to manage digital currency investment locally. By joining the seminar, I would like to know more about the blockchain investment ecology. In this course, the subject of Mr. Huang and Mr. Zeng are the most suitable for my needs. I hope to have more and more detailed courses in the future.

Mr.Yang from Hangzhou:

I knew Bitcoin in 2013. After I learned the idea, I was very excited. I studied it overnight. The next day I found friends and joined in the blockchain industry. At that time, there might be less than 100 people in Hangzhou who knew about Bitcoin. Many people quit bitcoin after Bitcoin fell from more than 8,000 yuan to 800 yuan in 2014, including people from the exchanges, the media and miners. We had a meetup with Vitalik in 2015. At that time, Ethereum could be claimed for free. But at that time I cannot see the value of Ethereum and I missed the great opportunity.

In addition, I have done another more “miserable” thing: a startup company. I sold most of my bitcoin and invested in various projects. Until now, only some stores are still there and other investments are gone. Therefore, the failure of entrepreneurship is a profound lesson for me. The most important thing I learned is the various truth of life. Fast return on Bitcoin made my ego boost rapidly. At that time, I was particularly inflated and I felt like walking sideways. Now, I intend to find my entry point in blockchain and I am here. This course has been designed to be comprehensive, theoretical and practical, and there are project scenarios and investment strategies. It is awesome.


Mr. Zhang from Hangzhou:

If everyone calls the traditional Internet as “classical,” then I am a “primitive” programmer. I have been programming since 1996 but I never really got into the Internet because I think the Internet is “too naive.” In my opinion, the “technology” of traditional industry is relatively advanced. I used to work in insurance, funds and electricity. Last year the company I worked was being reconstructed, then I want to check out opportunities. I met an old friend, Zhu Xiaohu. At that time he was fiercely arguing with Chen Weixing. It was through him that I learn blockchain. I wasn’t aware of it before, so I am “illiterate” in the blockchain industry. I am here to study and any knowledge is of great value to me. Thank you all.

Mr. Shi from Qingdao:

My experience is less impressive. I am with my father in the seminar. I knew the blockchain last year but my father has studied it for more than two years. In the beginning, I was against it in the beginning as it looks like “MLM” to me. I asked him not to waste time studying these things. It was only at this time last year that I followed him to study blockchain. My major in university is geographic information. My knowledge about blockchain to be very fragmented and now I want to learn a blockchain knowledge systematically. With my father’s encouragement, I am here. The two-day session includes subjects from conception to industrial investment. I have a more comprehensive grasp on the industry and I am very grateful to the teachers and fellow students.


More info regarding the seminar will come.


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