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75% People Vote Cryptocurrency As Their Favourite Christmas Monetary Gift

Of late, Insight Chain (INB), a blockchain-based decentralized research ecosystem chain, has launched a follow-up survey of Bank of England’s poll of the most popular monetary gift at Christmas. Results show the majority of people prefer to receive cryptocurrency as their Christmas monetary gift which can be seen as a sign of buoyant market.

Last Monday, the Bank of England launched a survey, asking participants that “If you receive money as a gift at Christmas, what’s your favorite way to get it.” The bank gave four options, including cash, bank transfer, gift voucher, and Digital currency.

According to the official Twitter account of the bank, they have received 16,799 votes and the final results show digital currency is the most popular monetary gift with 75% of votes. While the percentages of cash, bank transfer, and gift voucher are 18%, 5%, and 2% respectively.

Most people replied that not all the cryptocurrency they would like to receive, they only want Bitcoin. Comments on Ripple (XRP) are polarized, some investors vote for XRP while others replied XRP is their least favorite digital currency.

This survey causes a heated discussion within the crypto community and the Insight Chain has conducted a follow-up survey to dig deep into the results.

Insight Chain received 448 valid questionnaires through its Insight DApp. According to the results, 77.7% of participants believe that the results of the original survey show investors are expecting a crypto market rebound in the near future.

However, when answered the same question, 40.8% of participants chose cash as the most wanted monetary gift while digital currency ranks third among the given options with 24.3% votes.

In addition, 54.2% of participants claimed that they hold cryptocurrency for investment.

In conclusion, the general public is willing to give cryptocurrency a try. Digital currency is constantly turning to a mainstream financial product.


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