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5 Top Chinese Crypto KOL Give Predictions for 2019

Lunar New Year celebrations mark the start of a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar. Chinese crypto key opinion leaders (KOL) also made their predictions or for the digital assets market as well as the blockchain application adoptions.

Chandler Guo, the well-known Chinese cryptocurrency angle investor commented that it was less likely for Bitcoin (BTC) to go back to $10,000 in this year, but the next Bitcoin halving about one year and a half away may trigger a tenfold price growth.

However, on Feb. 10, the founder of cryptocurrency mining pool BTC.Top Jiang Zhuoer disclosed that the Bitcoin Core development team’s next goal is to raise Bitcoin’s 21 million maximum supply and to halt Bitcoin halving. If things just happen this way, the value of Bitcoin could be diluted.

It seems that the crypto market would continue the low trend in 2018 without any revolutionary breakthrough of underlying technologies or new application demand. KOL’s predictions also become more conservative in Bitcoin price: instead of giving an exact value, they prefer to give a range.

Zhao Dong, one of China’s most influential Bitcoin billionaires and OTC dealer considered that the bear crypto market will extend throughout 2019, the spring will come in 2020 and 2021 will be the summer and Bitcoin would reach at least $50,000 by 2021.

Zhao also added that although the bearish tender would continue in 2019, the next batch of excellent blockchain projects would emerge from ashes.

Qtum founder Patrick Dai predicted that BTC price would keep consolidating in 2019, Bitcoin price would be around $4,500- $50,000 by the end of this year.

DApp has a chance to rise

Obviously, a lot of crypto projects and companies would die in the cold dark bear market but according to the co-founder of Ultrain Guo Rui, the blockchain-based DApp would blossom in the crypto winter, but on an early stage, it still takes years for a killer app to emerge.

He also added that “we may see 2 or 3 commercial public blockchain emerge in 2019 to solve problems in decentralization and TPS performance and technological framework of commercial blockchain application would be more mature.”

Dr. Xiao Feng, Chairman, and CEO of Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain also made an optimistic forecast on the blockchain industry. He expected a large-scale commercial application of blockchain in the following year, and he believes the blockchain industry will undergo a great transformation in the future, everything will be all right.


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