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35 Foreign Companies Have Blockchain Patents in China, Giants Like Microsoft, Oracle in the List

By the end of the first quarter of 2020, 35 foreign-funded companies have applied for blockchain-related patents in China, with a total number of 212. Although the number far less than Chinese local companies, most of the foreign companies are giants as MasterCard, Sony, Panasonic, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle are in the list.

Generally speaking, applying for patents in China for foreign companies means building patent barriers so as to better develop related businesses in China. In terms of quantity, the enterprises applying for blockchain patents in China are divided into four classes.

MasterCard, headquartered in New York, USA, is the first-class multinational company applying for blockchain-related patents in China. In 2016, MasterCard applied for blockchain patents in China through MasterCard International Co., Ltd. with a total of 46 applications, accounting for 21.7% of the total applications of multinational companies in China.

Patents of the companies mainly focus on payment business, including methods, hardware, security, transaction risk assessment, privacy protection of the transaction parties, the audit of transaction results.

The company has been committed to reducing the use of cash and promote the development of Inclusive Finance by adopting emerging technologies, and blockchain-related application development is also one of their work.

However, it remarkable that in 2017 and 2018, the number of MasterCard applications was 14 and 18 respectively, while in 2019, there were only 5, demonstrating a significant convergence.

Companies like Microsoft and Oracle, are the second class in the patent application of blockchain in China Team with number about 9 to 16.

Apart from Koin Prager Co., Ltd., the rest are the top 500 companies in the world, and most of them are technology companies.

Unlike MasterCard, which regards blockchain as a necessity, technology companies need to further study blockchain so as not to lag behind. Thanks to its technical resources, it has advantages in the research and development of blockchain. Most of their patents are concentrated in the underlying technology field of blockchain.

US-invested and information industry are the majority

13 US-invested companies account for 37% of the total. Secondly, 8 Japanese companies accounted for 23% of the total; 3 Korean companies accounted for 8% of the total; 3 German companies accounted for 8% the total.

According to the industry classification, there are 17 IT companies, accounting for 49% of the total, including computers, software, communications, blockchain, IoT, of which 6 are in the field of communications.

The second dominant industry is manufacturing, with 9 accounting for 26%. There are 4 auto parts and 3 home appliances in manufacturing enterprises, and four financial industries and broad media industries respectively, accounting for 11%.

It is remarkable that foreign companies take the lead in blockchain patents, but rarely carry out actual blockchain business in China. MasterCard began to layout blockchain patents in 2016, but so far it has not announced the promotion of blockchain business in China.

IBM, the company with the largest number of blockchain patent applications in the United States, failed to record an application for blockchain patent in China. In addition, giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, whose blockchain business is popular abroad, have no patent application in China.


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