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300k User Data from Chinese Auto Finance Platform Sold For One Bitcoin on Dark Web

It is revealed that 300,000 pieces of user data from a Chinese auto finance platform Jiurong were compromised and priced at one bitcoin on the dark web.

According to the leaked data posted, personal details include not only real names and email address, but also phone numbers and ID No. These data were up for sale – 300,000 pieces for only one bitcoin (roughly $4,400) along with full permissions to background server.



“If people are interested to lay hands upon these data, I could provide technical support throughout it.” the hacker with the pseudonym of “Lone Wolf” said.

Jiurong is an auto finance platform providing auto mortgage and financial services. Though it is not a big name, the company has 300,000 registered users with the turnover of the month reaching almost 20 million yuan (roughly US$3 million) and accumulative total transaction volume of 4.4 billion yuan ($634 million).

Several users of the platform have confirmed the compromised data is true. As of the time of this writing, the data has been sold, according to “Lone Wolf”.

As dark web is brought under the spotlight in these days with media reports, users can access anything that is not available in real life on the darknet market. Along with the advent of bitcoin which is featured by an anonymous and untraceable payment method, hackers become more bold.

Prior to that, 8btc has reported several cases on data breach in the country, including vast amounts of user data of Huazhu Hotel Group, courier giant SF Express, video streaming website AcFun and recruitment platform 51Job.

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