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300 Million User Data from Chinese Delivery Giant Sold For 2 Bitcoins On Dark Web

It is revealed that 300 million pieces of user data from China’s second largest courier SF Express (Chinese version of UPS) were compromised and priced at 2 bitcoins on the dark web.

A post on the Chinese forum of dark web showed that personal details include real names, phone numbers and addresses of both senders and recipients from SF Express are now up for sale. 300 million pieces of such data are sold for only 2 bitcoins (roughly US$15,000).

It added that people who are interested to lay hands upon the data can have a check at it at the cost of 0.01 bitcoin in exchange for 100,000 pieces of the aforementioned data. Currently there were buyers showing interest at it and paid the 0.01 bitcoin.


As dark web is brought under the spotlight in these days with media reports, users can access anything that are not available in real life on the darknet market. Prior to that, it was reported that user data of video streaming website AcFun, recruitment platform 51Job and bicycle sharing startup Mobike are also compromised and sold on darknet market.

SF Express is praised as one of the best delivery service provider in the Chinese market, and it has reached its arm out of China in many other countries, so it is difficult to find out how the data is leaked, or maybe hacked.


As of press time, SF Express has yet to respond to the news, while one user on the darknet market has already paid for a sample, that means, 100,000 pieces of user data has flew into the market.

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