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2020 Presidential Contender Andrew Yang is a Cryptocurrency Fancier

As the presidential election of the United States in 2020 is coming, Andrew Yang, a democratic party candidate said that he would accept donations by means of encrypted currencies. Therefore, he got the support from American cryptocurrency circle and blockchain circle. Even The New York Times reported on this news.


At present, Andrew Yang’s cryptocurrency fund-raising website has been launched. On this website, you can see the details of donating money by using cryptocurrency to Andrew Yang.


Moreover, he seems to be very close to the cryptocurrency circle. He attended the Consensus conference held in New York the other day and delivered a speech. He facing a friendly (if not slightly boisterous) crowd as he discussed bitcoin, blockchain and his bid for the White House. He is the first presidential candidate to present his position on the encrypted economy. He also opined on the declining influence of traditional media, the threat of climate change, his Freedom Dividend pitch, and current U.S. president Donald Trump (“The opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian candidate who likes math.”)


Is he a speculator or he is really optimistic about digital encrypted currency?

Andrew Yang was born in the United States and is a second-generation Chinese immigrant. He has an enviable resume and he graduated from Columbia University Law School, an Ivy League school.

Andrew Yang first put forward the concept of “human capitalism”, advocating the protection of human and human nature, rather than pursuing economic interests blindly.

In March, he tweeted  that people should buy cryptocurrency at once.


He also publicly announced that he would accept an election sponsorship by means of cryptocurrency, whether it’s Bitcoin, ETH or other ERC20-based Token, and the minimum amount of funding is $2,500. As there are more than 570 kinds of cryptocurrency based on ERC20 in the market.

He argued that the current framework in the U.S. is unclear and unfair to people working with the technology, saying:

“The speed of development of cryptocurrency and encrypted assets is much faster than that of implement of laws and regulations. The rules for digital currencies vary from state to state. This leaves United States behind other countries in the development of encrypted digital technology.”

He said that if he was elected as president, the following reforms would be made to cryptocurrency.

1. Token will be clearly defined to distinguish it from stocks and securities

2. Appointing a state agency to manage digital encryption assets

3. Taking measures to protect encryption assets traders’ legal rights

4. Announcing tax standards for encrypted assets holding and trading

But donating by cryptocurrency, donators need to provide personal information, including name, mailbox address, telephone number, postcode, address, etc. This is undoubtedly unacceptable to the holders of cryptocurrency.

Looking ahead to his possible occupancy in the White House, Yang called blockchain “one of the key technologies” that he envisions forming part of a next-generation economy, and reiterated that he would be a friend to the industry should he prevail in the 2020 vote.


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    2020 Presidential Contender Andrew Yang is a Cryptocurrency Fancier …

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