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2017 Hyperledger (Asia) Hackathon completed in Shanghai

While the limits of Bitcoin leads to a confined Blockchain application based on Bitcoin’s network, the advent of hyperledger has provided more flexibility and possibility for Blockchain-based commercial application and innovation.

On 12th March Beijing time, the 2017 Hyperledger(Asia) Hackathon organized by Wanda Internet Technology Group and Linux Foundation has completed with 36 teams competing  prize by completing their projects design and development in 47 hours. Christopher Ferris, Distinguished Engineer of IBM and member of Governing Board of Hyperledger, Tian Zhong, Distinguished Engineer of IBM, Fu xing, Deputy General Manager of Big data Center of Wanda, and Li Chnghai, Senior Partner of Gartner jointly led the judge panel that mainly comprised of industry experts. CTOs of well-known companies and partners of VC. In terms of the assessment criteria, the technical difficulty, commercial value, project innovation and presentation accounts for 30%, 30%, 20% and 20% respectively.

This is the first time for Hackathon of Hyperledger to be held in Asia. It indicates that China’s fintech industry has hasten its pace to develop itself.

The organizer,WITG, is a subsidiary of Wanda group owned by one of China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin. WITG has become a member of Hyperleger project in Aug 2016. Until now, WITG has 7 code contributors with 25 code submissions.


The prize list of the Hackathon.

First Prize:

Team: THcar

Project name: Permissioned Healthcare Blockchain on Hyperledger Fabric

Theme: Consortium-chain based of medical institutions and electronic medical records, aiming at helping the government and medical institutions to establish information standards, reduce the cost of information flow to help small and medium-sized medical institutions to open access to information access, reduce repeated examination for patients, and complete the personal medical information.

Second Prize:

Team: Contractchain

Project name: Blockchain of Contract

Theme: To solve the problem of high costs and low efficiency of contract signing between banks and enterprises;to use digital contact instead of paper documents, to use private key signing instead of stamp to lower the costs of money and time.

Team: Hercules

Project name: Chainhome

Theme: one-stop second-hand housing trading system based on Hyperleger fabric 1.0. To use Blockchain to build a better environment as the Blockchain can avoid the problems of low efficiency of housing confirmation and falsification of housing information


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