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10 Years: Bitcoin Legend Road

Look at the impact of the decade’s events on Bitcoin’s price. Recently, an animated chart about Bitcoin 10-year trend occupies Chinese media. Bitcoin is one of the most extraordinary developments of the last decade: a grassroots experiment in monetary policy played out on a global scale as dynamic curves10 Years: Bitcoin Legend Road” shows. Bitcoin went from an anti-establishment fad on the internet to a multibillion-dollar market in just 10 years. The market is still maturing, with no lack of skeptics who doubt Bitcoin’s legitimacy as a means of payment or a sound investment. Click out here to check Bitcoin’s 10-year legend road audio-visually.


      Screenshot from ‘10 Years: Bitcoin Legend Road

But nobody knows where Bitcoin will go in the future.

1.  Can Bitcoin keep rising?

2. Will the government ban Bitcoin?

3. What are the risks of Bitcoin?

4 What is the ultimate positioning of Bitcoin? What is it at this stage?

5 What is the relationship between Bitcoin and Altcoins? Will there be spring for Altcoins?

What’s your idea about the questions above? please comment.

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