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The Misconceptions about SegWit, a Heated Debate on 8btc

There have been lots of discussions about the war between the SegWit (SW) and the Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) on 8btc forum in recent days. “BU Party” on 8btc refers to those who support Bitcoin Unlimited. “Beginagain” started a thread on 8btc forum :the Misconceptions about SegWit, which soon become one of the hottest topics. Please note that forum users are anonymous while moderators are verified accounts.

Misconception 1: SW and lightening network would freeze onchain scaling.

“I found no justification on this. If SW scaling is adopted and prove to be capable of handling market demands, then there is no need to do onchain scaling. If blocksize is not sufficient after that, we may modify the code and activate the client with most miner’s support. That’s the same as today.”

Misconception 2. Lighting Network will cause centralization in offchain payment nodes, then the government could easily apply regulation.

” In any free market, there will be only a few big companies left as a result of competition. In China, Taobao, Amazon and JD are the top players in e-commerce and I don’t see any harm they do to us. Bitcoin network couldn’t be blocked. If customers doesn’t like a (LN) node , they can always switch to another. If domestic companies are regulated, then use a international one. If Bitcoin could be blocked, then the number of nodes makes no sense. Therefore I am totally confused by the BU Party. With SW support climbs to over 23% and BU support down to 8.6%. I can tell that the miners know the right thing to do.”

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