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Bitmain Made a $2.3 Billion Revenue in 2017

Feb 2, 2018


Yesterday, a surprising news revealed from Media Tek’s (MTK) Q4 financial management meeting of 2017: TSMC’s 12nm chip-productions has been occupied by Bitmain. Although several countries including China have already planned to crack down on digital cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, the...

Samsung Contracted With Ebang (Ebit) To Mass Produce Mining Chips

Feb 1, 2018


South Korean electronics giant Samsung has reportedly been contracted by an unnamed China-based firm to fabricate Bitcoin mining ASICs with massive production already kicking off in January. It is believed that the Chinese partnership is Ebang whose Ebit series are among the most popu...

Meet The Ambitious Bitcoin Miner: My Goal Is to Make 100 Billion

Jan 22, 2018


“We (miners) store up cryptocoin and HODL it. Just HODL, no selling, cuz we don’t expect to suffer torturous FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). Say you sell it at 1,000 yuan today, but what if it rises to 100,000 yuan tomorrow? We'd rather live poor and have pickle for meals than...