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Litecoin Global Roundtable Resolution 001 (2017)

Apr 22, 2017


1. This Global LTC Roundtable Meeting is established to remove misunderstandings and promote industrial consensus. Participating members agree to abide by the results of the vote. 2. We agree that protocol upgrade should be made under community consensus, and should not be unilateral actio...

4 Things I Learned as A Bitcoin Holder

Mar 17, 2017


Note: Wan Fangzhong, author of this article, is a popular and prolific writer known for his creative writing. He is running a Wechat official account of wansfang. My investment in bitcoin yielded a return of 330% in less than 20 months. Many people tweeted me asking how. Here is the whol...

Charles Lee : Anonymity Could Be a Litecoin Feature

Sep 21, 2016


In the interview, Lee reveals he started Litecoin as a fun project and never expected it to become as big-time as it did. He wanted to experiment and improve Bitcoin, but also create something better than the pumps and pre-mines of other altcoin projects. Anonymity Could Be a Litecoin Fea...