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Will China’s $50,000 Quota Matter For Bitcoin After Jan.1?

Jan 3, 2017


As the first day of January 2017 approaches, concerns that the yuan will likely depreciate further in the coming year because of the Chinese government’s enforced capital control may force more users seeking to move money out of the country to Bitcoin. January 1 is when the yearly $50,000 ...

China-Africa link getting closer with Bitcoin

Dec 27, 2016


A Kenyan startup's new product that allows companies in Africa to send payments to China using Bitcoin is the latest in the line of digital currency-related initiatives that connect countries from both ends. Bitpesa's China scheme was launched this month to allow users in Kenya, Uganda,...

Chinese factors behind the 14 billion marketcap of Bitcoin

Dec 23, 2016

Red Li

The $14 billion marketcap of Bitcoin is a good story for mainstream media. And the Chinese media did release stories as expected. But is the market really driven by Chinese capital market demand or it is just another bubble? You will see the real driving force at the end of this story. Ma...

Chinese stock market may push Bitcoin further till January

Dec 14, 2016


Another stumble in the Chinese stock market has coincided with a slight rise in the price of Bitcoin suggesting a correlation which is likely to continue until January.  While the stock dropped to a six-month low, Bitcoin reaches multi-year high to hit $788 on Tuesday December 13 accordi...

Legal Interpretation of Online Payment Rules in China

Dec 12, 2016


Editor’s Note: Author of the article is Liu Chunquan, partner of Shanghai Duan&Duan Law Firm. It offers the interpretation of online tipping or donation under the current legal framework in China from a lawyer’s perspective. The topic evolves around the tipping incident last month...

Bitcoin mining now decentralized in China – Chandler Guo

Dec 5, 2016


Speaking on how Bitcoin mining has been evolving in China, a Chinese angel investor in Bitcoin and Ethereum startups has stated that things have changed in the sector in the last one year following the direct involvement of energy companies in the mining process which has decentralized most of...