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Watch Out! Venezuela’s Petro Could be A Big “Trap”

Feb 23, 2018


Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro announced in a tweet late Tuesday that the launch of his country’s oil-backed token, Petro, has raised $735 million USD in its first day pre-sale. However, the well-know financial columnist Xiao Lei considered that, there maybe a big “trap” behind th...

Netease CEO Ding Lei: I Have Never Owned Bitcoin

Feb 22, 2018


An anonymous trader has sunk 1 billion dollars to buy 96,000 bitcoins recently and the mysterious whale is possibly be William Ding Lei, the low-profile founder and CEO of Chinese gaming giant Netease (NASDAQ:NTES), according to a website. Shortly afterwards, Ding Lei q...

A CPC Professor: Bitcoin May Back Above $400,000

Feb 12, 2018


The price of bitcoin is yo-yoing these days. Chen Jianqi, professor of international strategic research institute at Party School of the Central Committee of CPC, demonstrated his point of view on bitcoin. He also predicted that the future price of bitcoin would move above the $400,000 le...

Tencent Blocks Service for Cryptocurrency Trading and Ads

Feb 2, 2018


Chinese web giant Tencent announced on January 31 that they would ban any payment service and all advertising for illegal financial activities, like cryptocurrency trading and ICO-related activities as Chinese government called for a wider clampdown on services related to cryotocurrency in e...

Alipay May Block Accounts Related to Cryptocurrency OTC Trading

Jan 29, 2018


China’s National Internet Finance Association of China (NIFA), a self-regulatory organization in the field of internet finance, warned Chinese citizens against participating in overseas ICO and cryptocurrency trading activities last Friday. The association points out that OTC ...

The point of view from PBOC’s VP on digital currency launching

Jan 26, 2018


In recent years, central banks and monetary authorities in major countries and regions are researching on and developing issuance of digital fiat currency. Central Banks in some great nations like Singapore and the Sweden, have already conducted some relevant experiments. The People's Ban...

98% of ICOs are Doomed to Fail?

Jan 25, 2018


“98% of ICOs will fail .” Yibo Shao, a well-known venture capitalist in China, said. As blockchain and cryptocurrency fever gets hotter, Yibo Shao(also known as Bo Shao) shared his own views over this hype on the Wechat Moments last week. The overwhelming majority of ICO(I...