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Can Bitcoin transactions in Japan reach China’s level?

Jan 19, 2017


According to Kawabata Kagayaki, the Business Development Lead of Coincheck, Japan’s leading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, it is possible at some point for Japan's Bitcoin transaction volume to reach the same level as it is being recorded in China presently. In an email,  ...

Bitcoin market cap tops $18 billion

Jan 5, 2017


In the wake of its eighth-year anniversary, Bitcoin’s global market capitalization has crossed the $18 billion range having grown at a 24-hour rate of over 6% which saw it add over $1 billion in a day, according CoinMarketCap. Bitcoin marked its anniversary on Tuesday January 3 when the ...

Why Bitcoin price may not crash like 2013

Jan 4, 2017


Several factors including China’s economic situation have made the Bitcoin surge different from what was the case in 2013 when the price first rose above the $1000 tag but later reversed. As a result, the rising price of Bitcoin today is not likely to suffer a similar fate. Going by its recor...

Will China’s $50,000 Quota Matter For Bitcoin After Jan.1?

Jan 3, 2017


As the first day of January 2017 approaches, concerns that the yuan will likely depreciate further in the coming year because of the Chinese government’s enforced capital control may force more users seeking to move money out of the country to Bitcoin. January 1 is when the yearly $50,000 ...

Chinese stock market may push Bitcoin further till January

Dec 14, 2016


Another stumble in the Chinese stock market has coincided with a slight rise in the price of Bitcoin suggesting a correlation which is likely to continue until January.  While the stock dropped to a six-month low, Bitcoin reaches multi-year high to hit $788 on Tuesday December 13 accordi...

Bitcoin mining now decentralized in China – Chandler Guo

Dec 5, 2016


Speaking on how Bitcoin mining has been evolving in China, a Chinese angel investor in Bitcoin and Ethereum startups has stated that things have changed in the sector in the last one year following the direct involvement of energy companies in the mining process which has decentralized most of...