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China Authority To Contain Bitcoin Mining By Limiting Power Supply

Jan 4, 2018


China’s bitcoin miners have been in limbo since Beijing shut down exchanges in September 2017. In these days, they may be on an emotional roller coaster as rumor goes that bitcoin mining farms in China shall be shut down within a time limit upon China central bank’s close-door meeting on...

F2Pool Under a Wave of DDOS Attacks

Jul 17, 2017


  F2Pool, the world’s second largest bitcoin mining pool, has been hit by large distributed denial-of-service(DDOS) attacks in recent days. According to Mao Shixing, creator of F2Pool, the attacks first appeared on July 14. “We are being DDoS’d in a hostile manner. Ou...

“Bitcoin or Altcoin Mining, It’s Nice to Make Some Money.”

Jul 6, 2017


Bitcoin has brought about many revolutionary innovations, one of which is bitcoin mining where everyone is able to generate bitcoin. PL, a Beijing-based marketing officer, joined the race of mining bitcoin in late 2013. At that time, the price of per bitcoin was about 7000 yuan. And mining ...