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4 Things I Learned as A Bitcoin Holder

Mar 17, 2017


Note: Wan Fangzhong, author of this article, is a popular and prolific writer known for his creative writing. He is running a Wechat official account of wansfang. My investment in bitcoin yielded a return of 330% in less than 20 months. Many people tweeted me asking how. Here is the whol...

Threes Ways to Generate Fake Transactions at Bitcoin Exchanges

Mar 15, 2017


The year of 2017 has witnessed a rise of 194% in bitcoin price, which has taken the lion’s share of the media. The daily transaction of big bitcoin exchanges could amount up to 30 billion RMB. Fake transaction is an invisible hand behind this growth. Bitcoin industry insiders revealed tha...

To speed up transaction via Fiat is a Shame for Bitcoin

Mar 14, 2017


Note: The author of this article is ShiLiang Huang from Shenzhen, China. He is a prolific translator and author of bitcoin related literature, running a Wechat official account of H13116885. Bitcoin has been hailed as the king of digital currencies for its three advantages: fast peer-...

Bitcoin Plays a Role in Humanitarian Assistance

Mar 10, 2017


North Korea has always been notorious for its human rights violations. Recently, the totalitarian dictatorship has been drawing criticism for the assassination of Kim Jong Nam, the estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. On March 8th, Cheollima Civil Defense(CCD...

Why I failed to make a fortune as an early bitcoin adopter?

Feb 23, 2017


  Note: The author of this article, Velaciela, aka V酱, was the Co-founder of Yibite, a bitcoin news site that was founded in 2014 but finished in 2015. The story below is a vivid description of his gains and pains when working for a bitcoin startup. Not every early adopter can take...

How Bitcoin is closing gap with physical gold

Feb 3, 2017


In addition to its stable price in recent weeks, talks of Bitcoin’s edge in gaining relevance to physical gold particularly as a traditional store of value seems to be gaining more ground following the slowing price of the precious metal. Economist and investor, Tuur Demeester, looked at ...

What a Trump presidency may bring for China’s Bitcoin

Jan 21, 2017


Bitcoin’s growth rate will henceforth be somewhat affected by the outcome of two key events -- Donald Trump’s inauguration in the U.S. and the PBoC’s release of its report on its investigation into the three key exchanges in China. Starting from late last year, there have been predi...